Create a Complex Digital Painting with Characters in Photoshop

If you have a good drawing and want to create a digital painting from it then this is one of the best digital painting tutorials to follow. Unleash your creativity to create a digital masterpiece with the help of this awesome Photoshop digital painting tutorial. Link to Tutorial


Tips to Create a Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Learn how different digital painters work on a portrait and how they use different tools that help them create a detailed digital painting in Photoshop in this simple Adobe Photoshop tutorial.   Link to Tutorial


Paint a Shroom Valley in Photoshop

You cannot imagine how creative you can be unless you try this awesome Photoshop tutorial. Learn to use light and work with the basic round brush to create a complex digital painting in Adobe Photoshop. Link to Tutorial


Digitally Paint a Colourful Illustration Using Photoshop

This is simply an awesome digital painting tutorial that will not only guide you through shortcuts but also which tools are best and how you should plan to create a digital painting or children’s book illustration. One of the best Photoshop digital painting tutorials I have come across so far, I think everyone must try this one! Link to Tutorial


Digital Painting Cloud - Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

A very easy to follow children’s illustration digital painting Photoshop tutorial that will help you create an amazing children’s illustration style digital painting in Photoshop using simple techniques. Create a beautiful children’s book scene using the information provided in this well written Photoshop tutorial. Link to Tutorial


Create a Fire Energy Scene In Photoshop

This amazing Photoshop tutorial will make it very easy for digital painting beginners to learn to break down complex scenes and create a digital painting of them in Photoshop. Make sure you use your own imagination as well when trying this tutorial.   Link to Tutorial


Create a Landscape in Adobe Photoshop

This is a great Photoshop digital painting tutorial that will help you use different brushes to create a beautiful digital painting in Photoshop. This digital painting tutorial is best for Photoshop beginners and experts alike. Link to Tutorial  


Create a Cute Little Monster in Adobe Photoshop

This is a totally cute Photoshop tutorial and I am sure everyone will learn a lot from this very easy to follow digital painting tutorial. Learn how to digitally paint your very own cute little monster in Adobe Photoshop and have fun! I am sure you would want to pet this monster ^_^ Link to Tutorial


Making of 'By the Sea' Photoshop Tutorial

Ever wondered how they create awesome digital scenes and environments? You won’t just wonder anymore if you follow this step by step Photoshop digital painting tutorial. Try this awesome tutorial at home and you will enjoy every bit of it! Link to Tutorial


Learn How to Paint a Portrait in Photoshop

This is a very simple portrait painting tutorial and will definitely help you learn how to create an awesome portrait in Adobe Photoshop with the help of a photo reference. Paint a friend’s portrait or that of a family member and gift it to them, they will definitely cherish their own digital portrait forever! Link to Tutorial