13 Tutorials For Improving Your Brush Stroke

Master brush stroke techniques and you’re on your way to mastering painting. Once you’ve perfected brush stroke, you’ll be able to so much more with your paintbrush and you’ll be able to add a lot more depth and variety to your paintings. Here are 13 tutorials you should watch if you’re keen to improve your brush stroke.  An easy introduction to brush techniques Watch this tutorial and you’ll learn all […]


14 Tutorials On Acrylic Painting That Will Perfect Your Techniques

We’ve rounded up some great acrylic painting tutorials that are sure to perfect your techniques. Give them a watch and put the tips you receive into practice by creating wonderful acrylic paintings you can be proud of.


12 Awesome Acrylic Paints Tutorials - Acrylic Lessons to Follow

Acrylic paints are a wonderful medium to work with as they can be used to create so many effects. Applied thickly with a knife, acrylics can be used to give a textural impasto effect, while thinned down with water they can be used as a thin wash that builds up colour gently. Acrylic painting tutorials can teach you new painting techniques as well as examples of processes from sketching the […]