DIY garden stone backsplash

10 Best DIY Kitchen Improvement Tutorials

Palette table

It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and so having a room full of character is important in making your house feel warm and welcoming for your guests as well as for you. When considering home improvement the kitchen can be a great place to start as just the smallest touch can make a big difference to how the space looks. However, hiring a handyman or home improvement company to make changes to your kitchen can be expensive as you need to pay for their time, tools and costly materials. Don’t have a big budget for your kitchen improvement project? No problem! Starting and finishing projects yourself can save a lot of money compared to paying a company or handyman to do the job for you, plus it’s likely that you already know exactly what you want the finished room to look like.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can begin with kitchen improvement, reading a watching tutorials can be a great help as they not only teach you the skills and techniques you’ll need for kitchen DIY, but they can also give you ideas and inspiration for the next project to move onto.If you don’t already do a lot of DIY then don’t worry, tutorials can teach you all you need to know along with tips and tricks from the people who have tried them before you. If you’re ready to start on your DIY kitchen project then take a look at the tutorials below which will guide you through each step and enable you to create a beautiful kitchen with the minimum of expense.

Create Roman Shades From Mini-Blinds

To Spruce up your kitchen windows follow this tutorial which uses your favourite fabric and some mini-blinds to create customised and colour co-ordinated roman shades. DIY Roman Shades

A Step by Step Guide To Painting Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen needs a makeover then look no further than this guide to painting kitchen cabinets which is cheap and easy but makes a bit impact on the room!

DIY Kitchen cabinet painting

How To Build Under Cabinet Kitchen Drawers

This kitchen improvement tutorial adds extra storage space underneath your cabinets that can be very handy for things like baking sheets, dish towels and cleaning utensils.

DIY under cabinet drawers

DIY Concrete Countertop Tutorial

This is a great home improvement tutorial teaching you how to create a concrete countertop using your existing countertop as a base. Brilliant for an easy and cheap kitchen DIY that will instantly update your space.

DIY Concrete countertop

Garden Stone Kitchen Backsplash Tutorial

For a rustic outdoorsy look you can’t beat this DIY kitchen backsplash tutorial which uses stones that come in square tiles so you don’t have to hunt round your own garden.

DIY garden stone backsplash

Install Your Own Kitchen Cabinets

Learn how to install your own cabinets with this kitchen improvement guide that explains the process in a step by step tutorial which makes following the instructions easy.

DIY cabinet installation

Paint Your Old Kitchen Lino

Do you hate the old lino on your kitchen floor and want to give it an updated makeover? This kitchen tutorial will show you how to paint your linoleum so that it looks like a completely new floor! DIY kitchen lino painting

DIY Built In Fridge Tutorial

Building in your fridge makes the appliance look complete in the kitchen and as though it is a purposeful design feature that fits in with the rest of your décor. If you’re wondering how to create a built in fridge for your kitchen then take a look at this tutorial which simplifies the process. DIY built in fridge

DIY Wood Palette Kitchen Table

A beautiful table is the heart of a kitchen and creating something personal goes a long way to making your house a home. Take a look at this DIY palette kitchen table tutorial to find out how to create a unique and stunning table for yourself. DIY wood palette table

Oven Mitt and Hot Pad DIY

Oven mitts and hot pads really are a necessity in the kitchen but are you wondering how you can make your own? This DIY will show you how in an step by step process that is easy to follow and you’ll have your own personal oven mitts and hot pads for the kitchen in no time!DIY oven mitts

Hopefully these tutorials will help you on your way to completing your kitchen improvement project and creating a homely room.