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12 Tutorials On How To Make Mosaics

Making mosaics can be incredibly fun and very easy – it’s a craft that anyone can do and you can use things lying around the house to make your mosaic tiles. It’s a pastime that people have been practising for several millennia and here are some useful tutorials that will tell you what supplies you’ll need and will teach you how to make mosaics.

  1. An introduction to mosaics

As well as offering a guide to mosaics, this webpage offers tips and hints on how to make them and what the most fundamental techniques for making them are.

Follow the tutorial here.

2. Learn how to make paper mosaics

This is the sort of thing you can create out of little bits of paper. Read through the tutorial and you’ll be on your way to creating your very own mosaic masterpiece.

Follow the tutorial here.

3. A guide to making mosaics that’s easy for beginners to follow

Even if you’ve never made one before, you should have no problems following this tutorial and creating your own mosaics from scratch.

Follow the tutorial here.

4. Another useful guide for beginners

Easy to follow, this guide will get you creating some amazing mosaics in next to no time at all.

Follow the tutorial here.

5. A tutorial on making paper mosaics for kids

This tutorial is aimed at kids, but if you fancy having a go at creating mosaics out of paper, you’ll find it just as helpful and informative.

Follow the tutorial here.

6. Recycle your old bits of plastic and use them as mosaic tiles

This tutorial will give you ideas on how you can turn plastic cards that you don’t need any more (like old credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards etc.) into tiles to use in mosaics.

Follow the tutorial here.

7. Here’s a tutorial on making mosaic tin can holders

If you have lots of tin cans lying around, why not turn them into something useful that you can decorate nicely? You’ll get points for recycling and for being creative!

Follow the tutorial here.

8. A useful guide on creating mosaics

This page offers two different ways to make mosaics and the one that’s best for depends on the supplies you have and the type of pattern you’re using.

Follow the tutorial here.

9. A very handy guide to making mosaic eggshell embellishments

Who knew you could turn eggshells into mosaic tiles? Follow the steps in this tutorial carefully and you’ll be rewarded with mosaic tile pieces that look unique and beautiful.

Follow the tutorial here.

10. How to make mosaics out of DVDs and CDs

Turn your unwanted or unused DVDs and CDs into tiles for your next mosaic project. It’s surprisingly easy to do and the end result will look great.

Follow the tutorial here.

11. Want some mosaic art for your garden?

This very useful and informative tutorial teaches you how to create wonderful ornaments for your garden out of broken tiles and bits of china you might have lying around.

Follow the tutorial here.

12. Learn how to make mosaic stones in a few easy steps

A lot of mosaics are done on flat surfaces, so why not switch things up and make a mosaic on a stone? It’s easy to do and once you’ve decorated the stone, it will look great. You can work with stones of any size and use pretty much anything as mosaic tiles.

Follow the tutorial here.