Collection of 15 Best Maya Tutorials To Create Scenes and Buildings

Collection of 15 Best Maya Tutorials To Create Scenes and Buildings – Techniques & Videos

Creating scenes and buildings in Autodesk Maya can be challenging, especially if you’re a beginner to the program. You’ll need to ensure that proportions, volumes and details are correct in order to be able to render a realistic looking scene. You’ll also have to think about the use of your finished project to determine how detailed the scenes need to be and how much zooming they’ll undergo.

Thankfully there are some great buildings and scenes tutorials for Maya that will teach you everything you need to know about different styles of buildings, from a simple house to a full arena. You’ll learn new techniques and processes to progress your skills and help you move forward in your abilities. If you’re hoping to learn how to create scenes and buildings in Maya then take a look at the 15 awesome tutorials below.

Create an Amazing Tunnel Scene in Maya

This tutorial walks you through using modelling, texturing and rendering techniques to create this cool tunnel scene in Maya. You’ll also add some final lighting touches in Photoshop for a futuristic feel.

Maya Tutorials To Create Scenes and Buildings the tunnel

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Creating An Old Farm

This ‘making of’ tutorial is great for intermediate Maya users and will show you how to create an old farm scene complete with farm house, water tower and pickup truck. You’ll see how to exaggerate proportions and volumes to make the scene look more spectacular, as well as understand the level of detailing needed.

Maya Tutorials To Create Scenes and Buildings old farm

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Learn How to Model A Basic Medieval Castle

Great for beginners, this medieval castle building tutorial for Maya will show you the basics of creating a castle including turrets and a bridge.

Architectural Modelling Tutorial

This Maya building tutorial will show you a box modelling workflow technique which you can copy to create your own scenes and buildings. You will need to already have a knowledge of Maya to follow this tutorial, but it will helpful to learn some new techniques and build up your skills.

How To Model A Street Scene Using Maya

Find out how to model a quick and easy street scene in this scene building video tutorial for Maya. You’ll learn how to build roads and rows of basic houses.

Creating an Ancient Persian City

There are two parts to this Maya video tutorial that will teach you how to create a detailed ancient Persian city which will show you all the processes from using reference images to rendering and completion.

Maya Tutorials To Create Scenes and Buildings ancient persian city

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How To Model An Exterior Environment In Maya

In this scenes and buildings tutorial you’ll learn how to use lattice deformers, edge loops and more to create an exterior street scene with cobbled streets and tiled roofs.

Maya Tutorials To Create Scenes and Buildings exterior environment

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The Making Of A Quiet Room Scene

This a great interior scene tutorial to learn how to make inside walls and household furniture to progress your Maya modelling skills. This wonderful tutorial is for advanced Maya users and will help to visualise modelling.

Maya Tutorials To Create Scenes and Buildings quiet room

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Cartoon House Tutorial for Beginners

In the first of this brilliant two part video tutorial you’ll see how to create a simple cartoon house by learning about basic subdivision techniques. The second video will then teach you how to block out the main shape of the house.

Building Modelling Tutorial

In this cool Maya building tutorial you’ll see how to use Python within Maya to create a five story building. This building tutorial is best for advanced users as you will see a quick walk through of complicated processes.

Creating a Gladiator Arena

This intermediate video tutorial will show you how to create a magnificent gladiator arena using Maya.

Maya Temple Building Tutorial

Learn how to create a simple temple in Maya using some easy techniques. You’ll learn some beginners tips for modelling with Maya so that you can get to grips with the software, building an impressive temple easily.

Maya Tutorials To Create Scenes and Buildings temple

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Model A Low Poly Building For Games

This great Autodesk Maya tutorial will show you how to build a basic low poly house for a street scene which would be suitable for games where low polygon designs are needed.

How To Build The Structure of A Cathedral or Church

In this cool Maya building tutorial you’ll learn about creating arches and combining models to create the architecture and details of a church or cathedral.

How to Produce a 3D House Using Maya

In this seven part tutorial you’ll find out how to sketch and build a complex 3D house design. This is a good tutorial for intermediate users who’d like to improve their skills in creating buildings.

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