horror movie theme Halloween Photoshop tutorial

Collection of Awesome Halloween Tutorials to Try this Halloween

Today we are sharing an assortment of awesome Halloween tutorials that include Halloween illustration tutorials, Halloween creature tutorials, text effect tutorials, Halloween DIY and crafts tutorials and a lot more that can perk up your Halloween more. Enjoy going through this amazing collection of Halloween tutorials and things you can do to make your Halloween memorable.

Halloween, also known as All Hallows eve is a celebration observed on October 31 in a number of countries around the world. People love to remember the dead people on this evening and celebrate this day for fun.

Scroll through to browse our collection of Halloween tutorials and a lot more:

1. Tutorial to Create Spooky Halloween Text in Adobe Illustrator

Everybody wants to gain some recognition by creating something memorable on this day. Create your own spooky Halloween text by following this Adobe Illustrator tutorial.

Spooky Halloween Text

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2. Create Your Own Halloween Pumpkin Wallpaper in Adobe Photoshop

Halloween is incomplete without a pumpkin lantern, it makes Halloween even spookier, so why not take the chance and experiment with creating and designing your own Halloween pumpkin wallpaper this Halloween? This excellent Photoshop tutorial will guide you through:

Halloween Pumpkin Wallpaper tutorial

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3. Create a Grizzly Zombie in Illustrator

We all love to create creatures that would be spookier than the others. I am sure this zombie is going to be the scariest of all zombies out there on Halloween eve. Watch out before it scares you away too!

create a grizly zombie in illustrator

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4. Create Your Own Halloween Wolfman Mask in Illustrator

If you want to scare away others or want to be the center of attention in the Halloween party then you must try creating your own wolfman Halloween mask which is going to be a perfect Halloween DIY you have ever made! Try this amazing tutorial to create a spooky mask yourself.

wolf-mask Halloween DIY tutorial

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5. Simplest Tutorial to Zombify Yourself in Photoshop – Halloween Tutorial

This is the simplest Halloween zombie tutorial that you will come across. Love experimenting with your looks? Try this one! You will definitely scare away a soul or two… This one is so easy, it would take you a few minutes only…


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6. How to Create a Horror Themed Poster in Photoshop?

Learn how to try different techniques and applying a variety of filters and experimenting with layers to create a horror themed movie poster yourself. Choose your own Halloween theme and experiment with all that you can, after all you have the tools right in your computer, don’t you?

horror movie theme Halloween Photoshop tutorial

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7. Make Your Own Cute Halloween Zombie in Photoshop

Not everyone wants to be scary on Halloween, some still want to stay cute. How about a cute little zombie this Halloween? Create your own cute zombie by following this awesome tutorial.

cute Halloween_Zombie_photoshop tutorial.jpg

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8. Make Your Own Awesome Halloween Shirt Pattern in Photoshop and Illustrator

Love graffiti? Try this awesome step by step tutorial to explore your creativity this Halloween. Experiment with different techniques to create your own spooky Halloween shirt pattern using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Halloween shirt pattern tutorial

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9. Make Your Own Cute Halloween Ghost Using Illustrator

If you are tired of all those scary Halloween creatures then its time to take a break and be a trendsetter of cute creatures. You can create your own cute ghost in Illustrator by following this simple Illustrator Halloween tutorial. Have fun scaring them all!

cute halloween ghost tutorial

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10. Create A Stinking Flesh Eater Zombie using Illustrator

Try having fun creating your own flesh eater zombie that will leave others awed… When you have the potential to scare away everyone then why not give it a try? Have fun, try this amazing Illustrator tutorial this Halloween.

creating stinking zombie tutorial

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We hope you enjoyed these awesome Halloween tutorials. I am sure these will come in handy in your Halloween projects and DIY projects as well. Have fun and don’t forget to share this post with all!