10 Awesome Latest Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorials

10 Awesome Latest Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorials

Whether you’re just getting started with Photoshop or already have advanced skills, following photo manipulation tutorials can help you to learn new techniques and forward your ideas so that you can use more creativity in your future projects. Photo manipulation tutorials can help you to see the world in a new light, encouraging you to look at things in a surreal way so that you can create unique finished designs.
As well as helping to forward your ideas, photo manipulation tutorials for Photosh can teach you all about the tools of the software. For example, great techniques for using blending modes, layer masks and adjustments can all be learned from Photoshop tutorials. In addition more advanced skills for brush techniques and matte painting can be learned.
If you’re looking to expand your Photoshop knowledge and try some new manipulations, take a look at this list of awesome photo manipulation Photoshop tutorials for ideas.

Tree Sphere Photo Manipulation Tutorial

Follow this cool Photoshop manipulation tutorial to learn how to create a tree within a broken crystal ball, an effect that looks surreal and amazing.

Levitation Photo Manipulation

In this photo manipulation tutorial you’ll learn the workflow for creating an image that looks like a girl is levitating within a room. You can try this out with your own photos to help your Photoshop skills and experiment with new techniques.

Surreal Parting Of The Sea Photoshop Tutorial

In this amazing Photoshop tutorial you’ll see how to use advanced masking, blending, adjustments and filters to create realistic water effects that make it look as though the sea has parted.  Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorials- Parting of the sea

Follow the tutorial here

Fantasy City Tutorial From Architectural Images

This detailed tutorial will take you through the steps to create a photo manipulation city built on a rock structure. You’ll learn how to combine architectural images and use brilliant techniques that you can use to take your work forward. The tutorial also includes a speed art video so you can watch the process from start to finish. Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorials- fantasy city

Follow the tutorial here

Abstract Photoshop Composition

This great photo manipulation tutorial for Photoshop teaches you how to create a surreal and futuristic abstract world that will help to open your imagination.  Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorials- abstract world

Follow the tutorial here

Fisherman in Lake Photo Manipulation Tutorial

If you’d like to create something calm, beautiful and intriguing then following this tutorial will teach the skills you need. You’ll use six photos to begin with and then perform techniques and transformations such as masking, filtering and colour adjustments to create the end result. Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorials- fisherman

Follow the tutorial here

Create an Amazing Space Battle Scene in Photoshop

Using this tutorial as a guide, you’ll use blending and lighting and techniques to create a sci-fi art work showing a space battle scene with planets and spaceships. You’ll learn how to use brushes, masks and some matte painting techniques. Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorials- space battle

Follow the tutorial here

Head Peel Tutorial

This head peel effect is a good one to learn as the techniques are easy to understand but you’ll end up with a cool finished image that looks like potato peelings or orange peel. It’s an unusual final result but you’ll learn helpful skills for creating further manipulations and portrait effects.

Abstract Lighting and Shapes Tutorial

Follow this Photoshop photo manipulation effects tutorial to see how to create a colourful modern image using brushes, blending modes and adjustment layers.

Crocodile Car Photo Manipulation Tutorial

Learn how to create this surreal ‘Crocomobile’ by merging and blending photos. The tutorial is simple enough for beginners to understand but you may need some practice in order to get perfect results.  Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorials- crocodile car

Follow the tutorial here

Hope you enjoyed these best Photoshop photo-manipulation tutorials we have shared. Keep coming for more awesome tutorials.