15 Creative Childrens Book Illustration Tutorials for Childrens Book Illustrators

15 Creative Children’s Book Illustration Tutorials for Children’s Book Illustrators

Children’s book illustrations are become increasingly more digitised with sometimes only the initial idea sketched and drawn out by hand and the rest of the process being carried out in Photoshop, Illustrator or another illustration program. This way of working can pose challenges for traditional artists and means there’s never a bad time to brush up on your children’s illustration skills with digital software.

Children’s book illustration tutorials are not only useful for beginners, but also for more experienced illustrators looking to practice and perfect their techniques. There are a wide range of styles and skills to be learnt from tutorials which makes them incredibly helpful for children’s illustration. If you’re looking to learn more and find some new designs to try, then take a look at this list of 15 amazing children’s book illustration tutorials for children’s book illustrators to give you some ideas.

Create a Children’s Picture Book Illustration in Photoshop

This lovely tutorial uses a photomontage as the basis for the illustration which is then transformed with masks and filters. The resulting image wouldn’t look out of place in a published children’s book and you can download the project files to learn the techniques and create your own image.Childrens Book Illustration Tutorials- picture book illustration

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Create a Children’s Illustration in Photoshop

This lovely winter themed children’s book illustration was created by using digital painting techniques in Photoshop and you can follow along to see how to paint digitally.Childrens Book Illustration Tutorials- childrens winter character

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Two Children’s Book Illustrations Using Illustrator

If you’d like to learn how to illustrate children’s book in illustrator then this tutorial will be a big help. You’ll create two images, one of a girl and one of a tea set, in bright colours and a modern style.Childrens Book Illustration Tutorials- two illustrations

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How to Draw a Children’s Book Illustration

This simple tutorial will give you an insight into the process of creating a book illustration with digital painting and drawing. The artist shows you their process which you can apply to your own work.Childrens Book Illustration Tutorials- how to draw childrens book illustration

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Illustration Tutorial Using Illustrator and Corel Painter

This video tutorial will show you how to create a bear illustration from a sketch by starting in Illustrator, then moving to Photoshop and Painter.Childrens Book Illustration Tutorials- illustrator and corel painter

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Scary Children’s Illustration Tutorial

This cute and scary drawing would be great for a Halloween theme but could also be used for children’s books all year round. You’ll learn how to create each character and element, then add some life to the drawing. This is one of the best children’s illustration tutorials and you’re sure to get some new tips that you can use in your own illustrations.Childrens Book Illustration Tutorials- scary

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Simple Photoshop Illustration

This beginner’s tutorial will take you through the process of creating an illustration in Photoshop, showing you each step so that you can create your own image. This is a great tutorial for those just starting out in children’s illustration and teaches you some helpful Photoshop tips too.Childrens Book Illustration Tutorials- simple

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Digital Watercolour for Children’s Illustrations

In this video tutorial, illustrator Tracy Bishop will teach you how to get a realistic watercolour effect for your drawings and illustrations in Photoshop. The tutorial is helpful, informative and uses techniques that you can apply to many types of drawings and sketches.Childrens Book Illustration Tutorials- digital watercolour

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Photoshop Layer Masks for Children’s Book Illustrations

Children’s book illustrator Tracy Bishop shows you how to use layer masks effectively for character illustration which will give you a great insight into her techniques and how you can apply them to your own illustrations.Childrens Book Illustration Tutorials- layer masks

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Cartooning Tutorial

Cartoon styles are always a big hit with children so learning how to create cartoon illustrations will progress your skills and add new techniques to your repertoire. Starting with a sketch, the image is processed through Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and even though the video uses older versions of the programs the process is still helpful.Childrens Book Illustration Tutorials- cartooning

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Create a Vector Pirate Character

Learn how to create a vector pirate character with this great tutorial that will take you from sketch to finished image. You can use this technique on any character (not just pirates) to create simple vector graphics for your illustrations.Childrens Book Illustration Tutorials- pirate tutorial

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Creating Convincing Characters

In this simple tutorial you’ll see how to create convincing characters by sketching out ideas and then building on them to make dynamic images full of personality.

Childrens Book Illustration Tutorials- convinving characters

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Illustrate a Beautiful Watercolor Children’s Book Illustration

Using watercolors is one of the easiest and most creative ways to make a children’s book illustration. Explore what techniques the painter uses in this beautiful demonstrative watercolor tutorial video to master the skills of painting a children’s book illustration in watercolors.


The Process of Illustrating a Children’s Book

Children’s illustrator Jane Massey talks you through the process of illustrating children’s books from understanding the brief to checking for continuity. This is a great tutorial for new and aspiring illustrators to learn about how to work with clients and develop upon their ideas.Childrens Book Illustration Tutorials- process

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Digital Collage Illustration in Photoshop

In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to create a digital collage children’s illustration using scanned textures and art to give a really unique feel. You’ll be able to take these ideas forward to use in other illustrations and projects for an interesting and textured effect.Childrens Book Illustration Tutorials- digital collage

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Great tips & techniques to Create Children’s Book Illustrations

childrens book illustrator

This is a great post on how to make children’s book illustrations and become a children’s book illustrator. Remember, creativity and patience is the key and you will start winning when you start practicing more and more.

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Did you enjoy these children’s book illustration tutorials. We hope you will learn some great tricks and techniques to create your own children’s book illustrations in no time. Enjoy and be creative.