Learn To Sculpt Like A Pro With These 12 Useful Sculpting Tutorials

Sculpting can be a really exciting hobby, though it may seem quite daunting at first. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a professional artist or anything like that to be able to sculpt – anyone can do it! We’ve rounded up 12 useful tutorials that cover all the basics of sculpting. Give them a read and you’ll no doubt pick up lots of useful hints and tips that will soon get you sculpting like a pro!

  1. How To Sculpt

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A handy step-by-step approach to sculpting complete with pictures. This tutorial focuses on sculpting with clay, though the instructions can easily be applied to any sort of material you can use for sculpting.

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2. Sculpting Materials For Beginners

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If you’re keen to get into sculpting but aren’t quite sure what supplies you’ll need, this tutorial is definitely worth reading.

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3. Basic Sculpture Tutorial For Starters

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This tutorial covers a wide range of topics to do with sculpting, such as what materials you need, how to make the framework, baking, sanding and painting.

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4. Beginning Clay Modelling

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Professional sculptor Charles Oldham offers a simple step-by-step guide to sculpting that will benefit beginners and maybe even more advanced sculptors as well.

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5. Beginners Guide To Sculpting In Clay

via Artistsandillustrators.co.uk

This simple guide offers a few helpful hints that will improve your sculpting techniques

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6. Polymer Clay Tips For Beginners

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Includes useful information on different types of clay, how to bake your sculpture properly, what paints to avoid using, how to store your sculpture and many more topics.

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7. Polymer Clay Sculpting Tips And Tutorials

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Offers an overview of sculpting with polymer clay, along with some notes on safety and links to numerous other tutorials.

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8. An Introduction To Clay Sculpture Technique

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The techniques covered in this tutorial can be used with pretty much any type of clay, though some of them are more effective when used with ceramic clay.

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9. A Couple Of Cool Clay Sculpture Techniques

via Ceramicartsdaily.org

This tutorial offers a few useful hints and tips that you can use to improve your clay sculpting techniques.

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10. Work With Polymer Clay For Beginners

via Polymerclayworkshop.com

A beginner’s guide to working with polymer clay that looks at where to buy polymer clay, what equipment you need and how to get started with sculpting.

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11. 5 Tips For Acrylic Painting On Clay

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Once you’ve got your clay sculpture finished, it’s time to get it painted. Read this tutorial for some handy tips on painting your sculpture using acrylics, widely regarded as the most flexible and easy-to-use type of paint.

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12. Baking Polymer Clay Perfectly Every Time

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Baking polymer clay can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, this tutorial offers an extremely useful guide that gives you the ideal baking times and temperatures for a variety of brands, as well as plenty of other useful information.

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