Top 10 DIY Wall Art Tutorials for Home Decor

Top 10 DIY Wall Art Tutorials for Home Decor

If your walls are looking a little bare and you want to inject some personality into your home, then creating your own DIY wall art is a great way to do just that. Homemade art can be personalised to your tastes, using the colour palettes, patterns and materials that fit with your style and décor. If you’ve never been great at art then following DIY art tutorials is a great way to learn new skills and find the instructions to create new art pieces perfectly.

By taking a look at the DIY tutorials below you can find the ideas and inspiration for the art projects that will brighten up a blank wall and give you new confidence in your art skills, allowing you to create some DIY art for your home that will impress both your guests and yourself!

DIY Postcard Wall Art

This wonderful DIY postcard tutorial is great for book lovers but could also be used to display postcards from your holidays, postcards with quotes, or postcards with images of your hobbies. The differing levels and depths of the cards make this piece interesting and three dimensional, and it also looks like it cost more than it did.

DIY postcard art

Chevron Watercolour Art

This is a lovely DIY modern art piece than can be created in any colour scheme to match your décor. All that’s needed is a canvas, roll of masking tape and acrylic paints to create this lovely DIY wall art.

DIY chevron wall art

DIY Gold Leaf Map Art

This home art DIY tutorial uses a map print which is cut into four and then covered with gold leaf in order to create a set of four framed prints that can be arranged on the wall. A great wall art tutorial that would make a lovely piece for a traveler. DIY gold map print

DIY Fabric Panels

Adding fabric to your walls can be a great way to include some texture in your space. This DIY wall art tutorial is quick and easy to follow, allowing you to create the panels easily and get them hung in next to no time. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Song Lyric DIY Art Project

This is a great home art project that uses an old painting you don’t like or one you can find cheaply in order to create the colour. You could use any phrase or lyric that you like to create this piece so that it’s personal to you and your home, plus all that it takes is a bit of cutting out in order to create a wonderful and bold piece. DIY song lyric wall art

Homemade Nail String Art

For those that are just getting to grips with creating their own art, this DIY string art tutorial is a great one to follow. It doesn’t take a huge amount of skill to create these pieces, but they look impressive and can also be customised to your tastes. DIY nail art

Feather Wall Art Tutorial

Who wouldn’t love this feather wall art hanging in their home? It adds colour and an amazing texture as well as being a wonderful piece of art that you created yourself. This doesn’t make for the cheapest wall art piece, but you won’t find anything like it elsewhere and it will have the personal touch of being made by you.

DIY Vintage Marquee

This DIY vintage light marquee looks much more difficult and expensive than it actually is because cheap cardboard letters are used in the wall art tutorial instead of wooden or metal letters. Using spray paint is also much quicker than brush on paint, so this is an impressive but easy wall art DIY.

DIY vintage marquee

Fish Scale Wall Art

This is a lovely piece that may be a bit time consuming but is easy to create. The fish scale effect adds a great texture to the wall and can be created in any colour you like to match in with your colour palette and décor.  DIY fish scale

Patterned Wall Squares Tutorial

This DIY wall art tutorial is a great modern art project that will look wonderful in any home. It’s easily customisable to incorporate your favourite colours or patterns, plus this wall art can be hung without using any nails! DIY patterned squares

Did you enjoy these DIY wall art and home decor tutorials? Do come back for some more awesome art and craft tutorials coming soon!