Best Collection of Tutorials and Techniques on How to Draw Eyes


Today we are sharing an assortment of tutorials on how to draw eyes. An eye is the window of a soul and its true because one can look into the soul of another person merely by looking into their eyes. Today we are sharing a great collection of tutorials on making eyes. If you love making portraits but are not very good at drawing their eyes, then these tutorials will help you get successful in this endeavor. Make the most out of these simple eye  tutorials which will help you learn how to draw anime eyes, glamorous eyes, big and beautiful eyes, shiny eyes and eyes of all types.

Learning is fun and we hope that soon you will have a command on drawing eyes in Photoshop, creating eyes in Illustrator, sketching eyes and painting eyes of all types. Enjoy and don’t forget to share your thoughts.

Create Eyes in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator provides a great way of using the pen tool to create shapes, positioning them and layering them. Enjoy this awesome tutorial on drawing eyes in Illustrator and make your artwork even more impressive.

1 Making Eyes in Illustrator Tutorial 1

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How to Draw a Realistic Eye


5 Awesome Ways to Draw Eyes


Traditional Eyes Tutorial

Drawing and sketching eyes the traditional way is always fun. You need to start practising drawing eyes this way as after this you can get hold of other ways easily. Learn how to draw eyes in a sketch form with the help of this eye drawing tutorial.


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Learn to Draw Photorealistic Eyes

A very well explained video tutorial on drawing photo realistic eyes.


Learn to Draw Eyes in Three Different Styles

This is an easy to follow step by step tutorial on making human eyes. If you love experimenting with shapes and ideas, then it will be easy for you to follow this tutorial. Enjoy!

Three Different Styles To Make Eyes Tutorial

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Awesome Video Tutorial to Pain a Realistic Eye

This is the best ever tutorial on how to paint a realistic eye.


Detailed Tutorial on Drawing the Human Eye

If you have always wanted to create a realistic human eye then this well explained tutorial will make it easy for you to create a human eye on your own. Grab your sketch book, graphite pencil and eraser as its time that you start drawing one. Enjoy!

Detailed Tutorial on Drawing Human Eye

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Manga Eyes Tutorial

If you are a fan of manga and love drawing manga then this tutorial will help you draw cute manga eyes. Draw beautiful manga eyes by following this awesome mange eye drawing tutorial.

Manga Eyes Tutorial

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Eye Re-paint Tutorial

This is an awesome Photoshop eye make-up/eye drawing tutorial for those people who love drawing striking eyes. Create your own pair of painted eyes with the help of this easy to follow tutorial.

Eye Re-paiting Tutorial

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Create Cute Baby Like Shiny Eyes

Learn to create a lovely pair of shiny eyes with the help of this tutorial. Learn how to draw a shiny iris and beautiful eye lashes with this eye painting tutorial.

cute shiny eyes tutorial

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Simple Pen and Ink Eye Making Tutorial

If you want to learn creating eyes with the help of ink and pen tool then this is the best tutorial to get you started! You would love this simple and easy tutorial for sure!

simple pen and ink eye making tutorial

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You can also use these eye designs for your next project. Here is the link to free eye design. Enjoy!

We hope you found these eye making tutorials very easy and helpful. You can also try using these awesome tutorials on how to draw hands as they will add more to your experience.

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