12 Awesome Photoshop And Illustrator Graffiti Technique Tutorials

Graffiti is a popular form of urban art that can be seen all over towns and cities and, while it is a hobby that can be pursued by anyone, it takes a lot of practice and skill to produce truly great work. If you don’t have the skill to create real graffiti art yourself, or you just want to create particular effects for your images, then creating digital graffiti in Photoshop and Illustrator can be a much better and easier alternative.

There are a range of styles that can be created for digital graffiti and all can be learnt by following graffiti technique tutorials, which will teach you capabilities in things such as layer blending and overlays, or even sketching out and completing your own designs. Graffiti technique tutorials are also helpful for learning skills that you can take forward to other images and designs so that you can progress your work and experiment. If you’re looking to create your own digital graffiti and want to learn how, take a look at these 12 awesome Photoshop and Illustrator graffiti technique tutorials.

Paint Digital Graffiti Onto Photos

This great tutorial shows you how to use Photoshop to paint digital graffiti onto your images. The tutorial is in depth and will teach you how to use selection and layer blending techniques for a realistic gritty effect. Graffiti Photoshop Illustrator Tutorial- paint digital graffiti

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Graffiti Tutorial With Photoshop

This is a simple beginner’s tutorial that will show you how to get a graffiti effect in a few easy steps. You’ll learn how to make a perspective transform and then blend the graffiti to make it look realistic. Graffiti Photoshop Illustrator Tutorial-graffiti with photoshop

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Make Reusable Graffiti With Photoshop

See how to create graffiti that you can use again and again in this handy Photoshop tutorial. This tutorial will work with text in any colour and you’ll be able to overlay the text onto any image or photo. Graffiti Photoshop Illustrator Tutorial- reusable

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Interesting Graffiti Effect

Learn how to create interesting graffiti from images and text and use Photoshop brushes to increase the realism. You’ll also learn how to create a stencil outline for text that makes it look like it has been sprayed onto the wall. Graffiti Photoshop Illustrator Tutorial- implementing- interesting effect

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Creating and Implementing Graffiti

Create graffiti text and place it on a wall in this quick and easy graffiti techniques tutorial which uses brushes on a low opacity to make the text look like paint. Graffiti Photoshop Illustrator Tutorial- implementing

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Create Easy Graffiti Using a Portrait Image

Here you’ll see how to make a portrait image look like wall graffiti in just a few simple steps. The image used in this beginner’s tutorial is of Hillary Duff but you can use any photo to create graffiti of your own. Graffiti Photoshop Illustrator Tutorial-portrait graffiti

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Create a Graffiti Style Arrow in Illustrator

This graffiti technique tutorial explains how to make an arrow design from scratch. You’ll learn how to use the paintbrush tool and pen tool to create your cool urban design. Graffiti Photoshop Illustrator Tutorial-styled arrow

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Graffiti Style Art Tutorial

In Photoshop and Illustrator you’ll create a cool graffiti effect design using techniques that you can experiment with for your own work. You’ll create the man and buildings in Illustrator before moving on to Photoshop to finish off the artwork.  Graffiti Photoshop Illustrator Tutorial- urban art

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Preparing Graffiti Artwork

This graffiti tutorial for Photoshop and Illustrator shows you how to take an idea from a sketch to a completed image before spraying onto a board or canvas. You’ll learn how to create outlines, use layers and the live trace tool. Graffiti Photoshop Illustrator Tutorial- preparing artwork

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Create Your Own Graffiti Fonts

Build hand written font sets using this cool graffiti tutorial for Photoshop and Illustrator. You’ll see how to take your letters from their initial design on paper to fully working fonts for you to use in your artwork. Graffiti Photoshop Illustrator Tutorial- create graffiti fonts

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3D Graffiti Tutorial in Adobe Illustrator

In this video tutorial you’ll be able to see how to create a cool 3D graffiti design in Adobe Illustrator. You can watch and follow along with each step from sketching out the initial design using Illustrator brushes to adding colour and effects.

Design Japanese Style Graffiti

Take a look at this PDF tutorial to find out how to create cool Japanese style graffiti by following the design in the images. You’ll use a mixture of Photoshop and Illustrator to create the finished design, learning techniques you can apply to future art and graphic work. Graffiti Photoshop Illustrator Tutorial- japanese style

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