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Improve Your Handwriting With These 13 Calligraphy Tutorials

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Most of us haven’t practised writing by hand in a long while, simply because there’s no need to. Typing away on computers, phones and tablets has sadly replaced handwriting, though not forever. Why not have a look at these 13 awesome calligraphy tutorials and see how amazing writing by hand can be.

1. The Beginner’s Guide To Modern Calligraphy

via Thepostmansknock.com

This tutorial is ideal for anyone who wants to practise calligraphy but doesn’t know where to begin.

Follow the tutorial here

2. A Beginner’s Guide To Modern Calligraphy

via Inkstruck.com

Another guide to calligraphy for those who have no prior experience. This tutorial also looks at the supplies you’ll need for practising calligraphy.

Follow the tutorial here

3. 3 Calligraphy Tips You Need To Know

via Blogs.creativelive.com

This tutorial covers three basic things you should know about calligraphy: the parts of the pen and nib, how to hold the pen and why the stroke matters.

Follow the tutorial here

4. How To Write With A Calligraphy Pen

via Jacksonsart.com

You’re only going to produce the most beautiful handwriting if you know how to use your pens properly. If you’re not sure how to do that, this tutorial will teach you how.

Follow the tutorial here

5. Five Options For Creating Calligraphy

via Pinterest.com

If you want to try a few different approaches to calligraphy, give this tutorial a read. It covers five different ways to approach calligraphy, with each focusing on . different writing instrument.

Follow the tutorial here

6. Dealing With Ink And Paper Problems

via Scribblers.co.uk

When you’re practising calligraphy, what should you do if there’s a problem with the ink or if something happens to the paper? Read this tutorial to find out what you should do if any of these problems arise.

Follow the tutorial here

7. 10 Tips To Master The Art Of Calligraphy

via Papercraftermagazine.co.uk

Simply read through these 10 tips and you should be able to practise calligraphy without any problems at all!

Follow the tutorial here

8. Tips For Lefties: Advice From Five Left-Handed Calligraphers

via Piecescalligraphy.com

Only 10% of people are left-handed, so most calligraphy tutorials are unintentionally aimed at right-handed people. This particular tutorial is aimed at left-handed people and gives them lots of useful tips and tricks.

Follow the tutorial here

9. The Secret To Chalkboard Calligraphy

via Magnoliamarket.com

Have a read through this tutorial if you want to practise calligraphy on chalkboards. It will teach you how to produce brautiful handwriting on a surface that can be quite tricky to write on.

Follow the tutorial here

10. How To Create Faux Calligraphy

via Juliabausenhardt.com

Faux calligraphy, or ‘fake’ calligraphy, is different from standard modern calligraphy in that you can use any sort of standard writing instrument, such as a ballpoint pen. It’s ideal for those who want to practise calligraphy without dealing with pointed nib pens and ink. The results produced when practising faux calligraphy can be just as beautiful as standard modern calligraphy.

Follow the tutorial here

11. Faux Calligraphy Tutorial, Step By Step

via Perennialjoy.com

Another useful tutorial on faux calligraphy. This one offers a step-by-step approach that will make faux calligraphy even more accessible for beginners.

Follow the tutorial here

12. How To Do Fake Calligraphy

via Destinationdecoration.com

This tutorial offers an overview of faux calligraphy and also looks at a few variations that you could try out, such as using marker pens and varying the sizes of your words.

Follow the tutorial here

13. Fun Faux Calligraphy For Everyone

via Karladornacher.com

A fun and easy guide to faux calligraphy that gives a useful overview and some handy hints and tips to help you perfect your technique.

Follow the tutorial here

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