Make A Christmas Dinner To Be Proud Of With These 12 Tutorials

If you’re in charge of cooking the Christmas dinner and the thought of cooking such an important meal for your nearest and dearest on the biggest day of the year terrifies you, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up some very useful tutorials that will help you perfect the most difficult of meals that is Christmas dinner.

  1. Christmas dinner on the cheap

If your budget isn’t big, don’t worry because you can still whip up a perfectly satisfying Christmas dinner.

2. A recipe for preparing roast chicken

Follow this recipe and your roast chicken will go down extremely well.

3. Master the basics of hosting and cooking Christmas dinner with this useful tutorial

Once you’ve mastered the basics, there are no limits to what you can do.

4. A guide to cooking the perfect vegetarian nut roast

A great Christmas dinner option for veggies that isn’t really too hard to cook at all.

5. Learn how to make a vegan Christmas dinner

Because it doesn’t always have to be about the turkey.

6. Cook Christmas pork pie with ease

Learn how to cook pork pies that are delicious, sumptuous and filling with this handy tutorial.

7. Watch this if your roast potatoes need perfecting

Master the art of making roast potatoes and you’ll be able to cook anything with ease!

8. Not got much time? This easy, fuss-free Christmas dinner recipe should prove helpful

Some people spend hours cooking their Christmas dinner, but not everyone has the time to do that – if you want your dinner cooked quickly and easily, this is the video for you.

9. Make a Christmas pudding to be proud of

For many of us, dessert is the best part of Christmas dinner. If you’re unsure of how to make a Christmas pudding, this tutorial will be a great help.

10. A guide to making the perfect Christmas cookies

Follow the recipe and you’ll end up with a batch of delicious cookies that are sure to go down a treat with everyone.

11. Learn how to cook up some appetising side dishes

Watch this tutorial and you’ll be able to prepare side dishes such as homemade stuffing, carrots glazed in orange and Brussels sprouts accompanied by crispy pancetta.

12. Jamie Oliver’s guide to cooking a turkey

Follow acclaimed chef Jamie Oliver’s recipe and you’ll be rewarded for your hard work with a crispy golden turkey that’s tempting to look at and very delicious to eat.