14 Christmas Decoration Tutorials You Have To Watch

If you want to unleash your creativity this Christmas, why not make some of your own decorations? Sure, it’s easy to just buy your decorations from the shops or online, but creating your own is a whole lot of fun and it may surprise you how common household items can be transformed into wonderful Christmas decorations. Watch these tutorials for some ideas and inspiration.

  1. A quick and easy way to make your Christmas stockings

Everyone needs a stocking for Christmas and with this tutorial you can easily make your own in next to no time at all!

2. Create your own Christmas snowflakes

No home is complete without a few snowflakes here and there.

3. Make your very own gingerbread house

Decorate your gingerbread house with pastel colours to make it even more Christmassy.

4. Christmas decorations for your windows

Splash some Christmas magic across your windows with these easy-to-make decorations.

5. Make a snowman from socks!

6. Paper Christmas decorations

You can turn paper that’s lying around the house into all sorts of wonderful Christmas decorations.

7. Create fun little Christmas decorations from empty crisp packets

It’s amazing what you can make from an empty packet of crisps. Just goes to show what you can do when you put your imagination to something.

8. Make your very own Christmas tree angel

Every Christmas tree needs an angel and this tutorial teaches you how to create one quickly and cheaply.

9. Create your own personalised baubles

Make your Christmas tree unique with these personalised baubles.

10. Put together some festive ornament wreaths with this useful tutorial

No home is complete without a Christmas wreath and you can learn to create your very own ornament wreath by watching this handy tutorial.

11. Felt Christmas decorations

Add that warm, fuzzy feeling to your home with these felt Christmas decorations that are easy to make and a joy to look at.

12. Create something magical out of pop bottles

Don’t throw out empty pop bottles – use them to create stunning Christmas wonderlands in miniature.

13. Create your very own miniature Christmas trees

Great for tabletops and mantlepieces, these easy-to-make miniature Christmas trees can add even more Christmas magic to your home.

14. Christmas in a jar!

Turn empty jars into beautiful little Christmas displays with this inventive and creative tutorial. You’ll never want to throw away empty jars again!