15 Free Resources to Learn Swift Programming Language

15 Free Resources to Learn Swift Programming Language

Swift is the new language from Apple that promises to have you making mobile apps for iOS quicker than ever before. However, don’t expect to jump in and be making an Angry Birds clone within a day, there’s still a learning process and quite a steep one at that. Therefore, we’ve decided to come up with 15 FREE Resources where you can find help for learning this brand new language Swift.

There are plenty of resources out there that you can pay for such as classes, lessons, personal tutoring and material that will allow you to learn Swift as well. However, if you are new and looking to build an application for as cheap as possible then these are definitely the 15 best free Swift resources on the internet for you right now. We hope they help!


The Swift Programming Language

The first and obvious choice when it comes to the Swift language is to learn from the very people that invented the language. Therefore we feel the official Swift programming language eBook you can download for free on iTunes is the first resource every new Swift learner should go to.

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Udemy Swift Language Course

If reading isn’t your thing then definitely go ahead and check out the YouTube Playlist that Apple have uploaded to YouTube. It takes you through plenty different areas of the Swift language and is better for those that prefer to be able to watch and listen rather than to read the instructions.

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The Official Swift Blog

Apple do keep a Blog of the Swift platform giving lessons every now and then that allows you to learn new things week in and week out. This may be some people’s preferred technique to learn such a technical coding platform.


Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Swift

There’s plenty of people with their hands on the new code already and are putting their opinions on the coding platform and are blogging their experiences on their sites. This site ‘Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Swift’ is a brilliant resource for those who know little about coding, let alone the Swift language.

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Introduction To Swift For Non-Programmers

If you think that learning via a course would be the better choice for you then this is the right resource for you. It’s a free 8 video course taught by Tim Schneider which teaches you how to code Swift even if you’ve never coded anything before in your life.

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SoSoSwift is a website that offers multiple sources for learning Swift language. They’re submitted by users who have either created apps and are showing you how or by developers who want to teach some lessons. This is a good sight for once you know the basics of the language to expand your knowledge.

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LearningSwift is similar to SoSoSwift in that it offers a list of useful resources to help you learn the Swift Language. However, how LearningSwift differs is that it offers different levels of difficulty/progress depending on how well learned you are on the subject!

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SwiftLang is similar to both LearningSwift and SoSoSwift in that it offers multiple sources including the two official ones from Apple that we’ve provided as well. It is good because it shows you multiple different techniques to learn the language.

Swift Cheat Sheet

Swift has a lot of Syntax that would take a lot of time to learn and for those just getting into it, it could take ages to remember each little bit. However, Ray Wenderlich has provided this cheat sheet which allows you to quickly refer back to it when you’re coding.

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Build Your First iOS Game with Swift

The rest of the items on this list have taught you how to learn the basics of Swift. However, this site offers you to option and ability to build your first game via signing up for emails that get sent to you regularly. It’s a different way than we’ve seen before and is probably recommended for those that already know the basics and want to take it to the next level.

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Building a Simple Cocoa OS X Application With Swift in XCode

This is another example of how to create a full blown application using Swift. This application is for OSX however. It’s a YouTube video by Jeannot Muller that takes you through the process of making a simple Cocoa OSX App using Swift.

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Drawing with Swift in Playground

A neat little feature that Apple implemented with Swift is the ability to be able to see the result of your code directly beside in it with something called Playground. This YouTube simply shows the Playground being used with some basic coding. It’s a good video to learn some basic code at it’s heart.

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Creating a To-Do List Using Swift App

There’s a lot of things you can learn from creating a To-Do list, such as the ability to swipe to delete, the ability to enter text, add items and more. These are useful techniques to be able to use and this tutorial video will demonstrate them all as it takes you through how to make a fairly basic To-Do List.

Developing iOS Apps Using Swift – Part 1, Part 2

This two part blog series takes you through making your first iOS app. The blog series specialises on iOS8 apps and so should mean your app is well optimised for the latest iOS devices which is exactly what you’ll want.

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Swift on StackOverFlow

Having bugs in your app is inevitable, however this page at StackOverFlow attempts to allow you to post problems and have people respond to them. It’s a good website for community and to ask questions which is often people’s best way of learning coding language.