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10 Cool T Shirt Designing Tutorials for Beginners

There are endless possibilities for designing your own T shirts, and with them endless advantages- you can create something unique, something in your favourite style or colours, you can re-use an item you don’t wear and you can also try out something new. DIY T shirts also make great gifts and are brilliant for children who quickly grow out of expensive new clothes.

T shirt designing is easy once you know the basics, and when you’ve followed a tutorial once you will be able to do the same thing again in new styles and colours.  Lots of the techniques found in beginners T shirt designing tutorials can be applied to other fabrics in order to create and customise other items of clothing and homeware. If you’re ready to start learning how to design your own shirts, take a look at these 10 cool T shirt designing tutorials for beginners to get some ideas.

#1 DIY Beaded T Shirt

DIY T shirt beaded
This is a great way to upcycle a plain T shirt and make it into one that’s much more wearable. All that’s needed is a plain T shirt, beads, thread and a needle to make this easy DIY T shirt design.

View Tutorial Here: DIY Beaded T Shirt

#2 Easy Screen Printing Tutorial

DIY T shirt screen print
This is a cool T shirt designing tutorial for beginners as it uses Lumi Inkodye to get a screen printed effect rather than going through a difficult process with a real screen. The effect is awesome and no one will guess that you designed this shirt yourself! It’s also fully customisable so you can create any design or lettering you like and allow it to develop on the shirt.

View Tutorial Here: Easy Screen Printing Tutorial

#3 Screen Printed Robots T Shirt

DIY T shirt screen printed
This is a great T shirt screen printing tutorial that takes you through the technique and makes it easy for beginners. Screen printing can be difficult when you don’t know how, so following this tutorial is a brilliant way to learn new skills and to design some new T shirts while you’re at it!

View Tutorial Here Screen Printed Robots T Shirt

#4 DIY Easy Bleach Spray T Shirt

DIY T shirt bleach spray
A brilliant easy T shirt designing project for beginners that only takes 10 minutes! This project uses bleach instead of fabric paints which makes life simple as most of us already have bleach in our cupboards. Creating your DIY shirt is easy once you’ve decided on your stencil, just spray over it with bleach and watch it develop!

View Tutorial Here DIY Easy Bleach Spray T Shirt

#5 Easy DIY Graphic Tee Tutorial

DIY T shirt graphic print
This is a super simple way for you to create your own designs on tee shirts, and they end up looking very professional! There’s a whole host of possibilities for creating easy beginners DIY T shirts this way, and it’s quite a quick process too.

View Tutorial Here Easy DIY Graphic Tee Tutorial

#6 Simple Refashioned T Shirt Tutorial

DIY T shirt braided
A great way to redesign a cotton T shirt into something new, this refashioned T shirt tutorial uses a simple weaving technique to create the cool design on the back. This could be done with any colour shirt and is a great customisation for the summer.

View Tutorial Here Simple Refashioned T Shirt Tutorial

#7 Freezer Paper T Shirt Design

DIY T shirt frezzer paperYou can create any design you like with this technique which makes it perfect for creating the best DIY t shirts. This amazing DIY uses freezer paper as a stencil for the fabric, which is readily available in supermarkets and makes this a super easy project that can be done by anyone.

View Tutorial Here 

#8 DIY Zipper Tee

DIY zipper t shirtThis is a wonderful DIY T shirt tutorial for those who have a sewing machine or a little sewing know how and an old T shirt that they want to repurpose. This DIY T shirt tutorial will teach you how to create a unique new piece in easy to follow steps.

View Tutorial Here 

#9 DIY Galaxy Pattern T Shirt Tutorial

DIY galazy tshirtThis galaxy patterned T shirt is easy to create with fabric paint as the design is abstract so you don’t need to have any fancy painting or drawing skills. This makes a brilliant trendy shirt that can be dressed up or down and is an awesome T Shirt designing tutorial!

View Tutorial Here 

#10 DIY Cut Out T Shirt

DIY cut out t shirt
Who doesn’t love a cut out t shirt for summer? The designs let you show off some skin and keep cool while adding something edgy to your outfit. This tutorial includes designs for cross, ribcage and heart patterns, and the easiest bit is that all you need is scissors and a t shirt to create them!

View Tutorial Here