DIY Braided necklace

10 Awesome Jewelry Making Tutorials for Beginners

Jewelry has long been seen as a way to accessorise outfits and show off personality and style with a range of colours, shapes and trends that make it wearable for anyone. For a lot of people, their outfit isn’t complete unless they’re wearing their favourite rings, earrings or bracelets. If you’re a jewelry lover and would like to learn a new hobby or skill, have you ever considered jewelry making? Even if you’ve never made jewelry before, starting is easy and it may quickly become your favourite pastime!

Jewelry making requires skills, but many of them aren’t difficult to master and as long as you have the right instructions you’ll be able to create a diverse range of pieces without trouble. For the beginner, jewelry making can be as simple as collecting a few supplies and sitting down to follow a tutorial, making it a hobby that anyone can take pleasure in. Beginners need not stick to very simple and plain jewelry pieces as there is a such a diverse range of styles that many designs look complicated but can be created using a bit of patience and practise. From bead stringing to moulding clay to wire bending, there are jewelry making tutorials for everyone, and we’ve collected 10 of the best easy beginner’s tutorials into an awesome list below.

DIY Glitter Earrings

A super simple beginner’s jewelry making tutorial, these DIY glitter earrings are perfect if you’re just starting out with your skills. You only need a few supplies but can make these earrings again and again in many different colours with each pair taking just minutes to complete! DIY Glitter earrings

Braided Bead Necklace

This is a good jewelry making tutorial for beginners as it teaches some great techniques that are useful in many different projects. The finished necklace is beautiful, looks professional and has great detail. DIY Braided necklace

Silver Spoon Ring

Learn how to create a silver ring from the end of a spoon with this wonderful tutorial for all levels of expertise. No one will be able to believe you made the ring yourself! DIY Spoon ring

Emerald Braided Bracelet

This emerald and gold coloured bracelet is much easier to make than it looks and the braided bracelet DIY guides you through the simple steps. If you can create a plait then you can make this bracelet! DIY emerald bracelet

Multi Finger Ring

This lovely ring making tutorial for beginners will enable you to create a trendy multi finger ring with ease. Great for those who are just starting to learn about jewelry making. DIY multi finger ring

Birds Nest Pendants

Have you ever wondered how to create a beautiful and dainty birds nest pendant with wire? This beginners jewelry tutorial will show you how!DIY birds nest necklace

Twisted Bead Bracelet

This DIY bracelet looks a lot more expensive than it actually is and the tutorial provides a great introduction to bead stringing. A wonderful project for beginners, the instructions are easy to follow and provide great tips to help you learn new jewelry skills. DIY twisted bead bracelet

Wire Wrapped Stone Bib

A great fashion jewelry tutorial, this wire wrapped stone bib necklace is quick to make even though it looks time consuming. If you love the look of statement jewelry but don’t have many jewelry making skills yet then this DIY is perfect for you. DIY Wire wrapped bib

Braided Clay Bracelet

Getting to grips with clay for jewelry making can be difficult to start off with, so it’s good to begin with a simple tutorial that will get you familiar with the basics. This bracelet will take just minutes to make but will give you the confidence to progress with clay jewelry.  DIY clay bracelets

Gem Bracelet

This bracelet looks shiny and expensive but it was actually made using just a few supplies, and you can make it too! Follow the simple instructions to copy the design and create this DIY gem bracelet in any colour combination you like.  DIY Gem bracelet2

Hope you enjoyed these creative jewelry making tutorials. Keep coming back for more awesome jewelry making tutorials.