brush strokes

13 Tutorials For Improving Your Brush Stroke

Master brush stroke techniques and you’re on your way to mastering painting. Once you’ve perfected brush stroke, you’ll be able to so much more with your paintbrush and you’ll be able to add a lot more depth and variety to your paintings. Here are 13 tutorials you should watch if you’re keen to improve your brush stroke.

  1.  An easy introduction to brush techniques

Watch this tutorial and you’ll learn all about the different marks you can make with basic paintbrushes.

2. Learn all about one stroke painting

Learn all about the one stroke painting technique, which enables you to paint all sorts of things using just a single stroke of your brush.

3. Four handy brush stroke techniques for painting with acrylics

These techniques will make you realise there’s an awful lot you can do with a single paintbrush.

4. Learn some more acrylic brush techniques with this tutorial


These hints and tips will help you develop better control of the paintbrush so you can paint with more confidence and use more techniques.

5. Paint a Chinese dragon with single stroke painting

This video just goes to show that you can paint practically anything once you’ve mastered single stroke painting.

6. Basic stroke techniques for watercolour painting

Use these techniques to add depth and quality to your watercolour paintings.

7. More brush techniques for watercolour painting

Add even more watercolour brush stroke techniques to your paintings with this useful tutorial.

8. Simple techniques for using a fan brush when painting with acrylics

This tutorial includes six fan brush techniques that will enable you to effectively paint a wide range of subjects.

9. Brush stroke techniques for acrylic painting beginners

If you’re new to acrylic painting and want to learn more about brush stroke techniques, this tutorial is the one for you.

10. Learn about oil painting brush strokes

Watch this tutorial to pick up some handy hints on oil painting brush techniques that will help you create more beautiful, in-depth paintings.

11. Let your brush do the talking with these watercolour brush techniques

This tutorial shows you the kinds of amazing effects you can create just by using your paintbrush and a bit of watercolour paint.

12. Learn all about layering techniques using brush strokes with this handy tutorial

Layering techniques can add a lot of depth and realism to landscapes and you can perfect these techniques by mastering your brush strokes.

13. The importance of brush strokes in watercolour paintings

Watch this tutorial and you’ll learn how important brush strokes are for any painting. There are many techniques you can use to make the simplest of paintings captivating and compelling – watch this video to learn a few of them.