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Collection of 13 Excellent Watercolour Painting Tutorials For All Budding Artists

If you’re keen to master watercolour paints, we’ve rounded up a collection of tutorials that will help you improve your skills and build your confidence. Watercolour paint is known for being transparent and highly fluid – it’s because of its fluidity that it can be hard to master, but with these tutorials you shouldn’t have any problems getting to grips with it.

  1. A beginner’s guide to painting with watercolours


A video aimed at those who are new to watercolour painting and are keen to pick up some useful hints and tips on how to master the basics.

2. More useful watercolour painting tips for beginners

Learn these watercolour basics

3. A tutorial on mixing watercolours

Create even more colours by mixing your paints. This tutorial shows how you can create 64 colours from a basic set of 8.

4. Learn 13 different watercolour techniques

Use these techniques when painting and you’ll be able to add some new textures and exciting effects to your work.

5. A tutorial on brushstrokes for watercolour painting

Learn how to master brushstrokes and you’ll be able to do so much with your paintbrush – the possibilities are endless!

6. Here are 5 beginner mistakes you might be making in watercolors

If you’re doing any of these, there are better ways for you to go about painting.

7. Learn how to effectively paint a human eye in watercolors

Make your portrait even more captivating by learning how to paint realistic eyes in watercolour.

8. Learn about the bleeding and drip techniques in watercolour


These are two very handy techniques that can add a lot to your paintings.

9. A useful tutorial on how to paint water with watercolours


Getting water to look right can be tricky, but with this tutorial you should be able to effectively paint water that looks realistic.

10. A tutorial on how to paint trees in watercolour

This video offers a step-by-step guide to painting trees with watercolour paints. Watch it and you’re bound to pick up some useful ideas.

11. Paint a lifelike human face in watercolour

Human faces are fascinatingly complex and can be a nightmare to paint. This tutorial simplifies the process and makes portrait painting seem a lot easier.

12. A guide to painting landscapes in watercolour

Using the hints and tips in this tutorial, you’ll be able to effectively paint any sort of landscape using watercolour paints.

13. Paint clouds with watercolours


Watch this tutorial to find out how you can easily paint a cloud with shadows in watercolour.