14 Great Tutorials To Create Things Out Of Paper

You might just think of paper as something you print stuff on, but there’s a huge range of creative things that paper can be used for. Watch these 14 tutorials to see just how inventive you can be with paper and what sorts of amazing things you can create with a bit of paper and a bit of know-how.

1. Find out how to make paper flowers

Simple to make and pleasing on the eye, flowers are a great thing to make out of paper.

2. Watch this tutorial to find out how to make a paper honeycomb ball

Follow the simple instructions in this awesome paper craft tutorial and you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic decoration to brighten up your home.

3. Now you can make your very own Christmas tree out of paper

This video offers a guide to making your very own origami Christmas tree that’s simple to follow and doesn’t involve much hard work at all.

4. A guide to making a flapping origami bird

It can take less than two minutes for you to make your very own flapping bird out of nothing but paper!

5. Learn how to create your very own origami swan

It looks cool and intricate, but making it really is quite simple and a lot of fun!

6. A simple guide to making a paper box capable of opening and closing

It’s always handy to have a box or two to store things and it’s even handier when you can make them out of paper.

7. Want to make a paper airplane that flies far?

Send your paper creation soaring with this useful tutorial.

8. Brighten up your home with these paper lanterns

This video offers a step-by-step guide to making beautiful paper lanterns that are wonderful decorations for around your home or for parties and special events.

9. Learn how to make a paper basket for storing things

Paper baskets are surprisingly quick and easy to make, plus they can come in handy.

10. Ever wanted to make a paper boomerang that comes back to you?


Well now you can thanks to this useful tutorial.

11. A guide to making a Christmas wreath out of paper

Add some festivity to your home with this wreath that’s easy to make and looks great

12. Why not make your own snowflakes?

You can create loads of different intricate patterns for snowflakes once you’ve grasped the basics.

13. Make your own paper fortune teller

Good for parties, you can get creative with these fortune tellers and predict all sorts of weird and wonderful things that will happen in people’s futures.

14. A simple guide to creating origami diamonds

15. Learn How to Make Awesome Paper Flowers

If you can’t afford a real diamond, why not settle for a paper one?