5 Best Budget Templates to Manage Your Money in College

As we all know, money is a necessity in life. That is why you need to manage it well, so you can afford the basic living expenses. To maintain a reasonable quality of life, make sure that you come up with a budget and stick to it. Without a budget, it gets quite easy to spend money on things you do not need.

Correct management of finances takes a lot of discipline. Creating a budget is what helps you account for every cent that you ear. Since budget creation is not easy, you should venture into simple budget templates that guide you on what to do.

When you’re financially organized, you can control your future because you’ll have money to make your dreams come true. You should prioritize your needs to ensure that you lack nothing at any particular time.

Managing your personal finances can seem impossible in the beginning. However, over time you’ll get used to it. As a student, you should always make use of the resources at your disposal. Paymyessaywriter.com helps you write all your assignments on time so that you graduate with excellent grades.

As you can see, nothing is impossible in this era of technology. Here are 5 amazing budget templates to help you stay accountable with your money.

1.     Vertex42 Spreadsheets


The first template you should try out is the Vertex42 spreadsheets. There are several spreadsheets that allow you to work on your budget using Microsoft Excel. There are also other spreadsheets on here compatible with Apache OpenOffice calc, LibreOffice calc and, Google Sheets.

You can access spreadsheets for monthly, as well as yearly budgets. You can budget for your household expenses, personal purchases, business essentials, and so much more.

Most of the spreadsheets on this platform come with a demo video to show you how to go about the entire process. Isn’t that great?

2.     It’s Your Money Budget Spreadsheets


Well, as the name suggests, it’s your money right? That means that it’s your responsibility to spend wisely. This template comes with seven different spreadsheets for budgeting. You’ll get a Cash Flow budget that allows you to budget your money as you earn.

The second one is the Box Budget which helps you break down your monthly expenses on a weekly basis. This gives you an easy visual to work with so that you maintain a comfortable lifestyle throughout the month.

You use this template to create budgets on Microsoft Excel, as well as on OpenOffice calc. This template offers an assortment of money management tools that keep you on track.

3.     PearBudget Free Budget Spreadsheet


If you need free budget spreadsheets, PearBudget is your go-to place. You’ll get unlimited resources without parting with extra cash. The templates allow you to come up with comprehensive monthly spreadsheets that ensure you can track down every single cent.

4.     Google Sheets


Google Docs templates give you some great budget spreadsheet options. You can either create a monthly budget or a yearly budget depending on your preference. You can even have both if you want.

5.     Tiller Money


Tiller is actually a company that offers spreadsheet integration with your bank of choice. This means that you can budget your money even before you withdraw it. How great is that?


Budgeting is essential for anyone who’s earning. Tracking every single cent you earn gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re not wasting resources. Get templates with demos if you’ve never used any, so you know how to go about the entire process.