how to wrap christmas gifts

11 Christmas Gift Wrapping Tutorials To Make The Big Day Even More Magical

There are a lot of things about Christmas that can be stressful and wrapping presents is one of them. If you’re someone who ends up going through far more sellotape and wrapping paper than necessary, then fear not because we’ve found 11 very useful tutorials that will help you become the ultimate gift wrapper.

  1. 10 quick and beautiful Christmas wrapping ideas

Draw some inspiration from these creative and unique Christmas wrapping ideas.

2. Learn how the pros do it

Put your days of wrapping disasters behind you by watching this tutorial, where you’ll learn what it takes to wrap like a pro.

3. A useful guide to wrapping clothing

Clothing isn’t the easiest of things to nicely wrap. If you’ve got clothes you need wrapping, give this video a watch.

4. A handy tutorial on Christmas gift wrapping

Learn how to wrap your presents with ease and speed.

5. A tutorial on making creative wrapping paper for next to no money

Unleash your creativity and create some wonderful wrapping that your friends and families will adore – they might not even want to open their presents when they see your beautiful wrapping paper!

6. Christmas wrapping hacks using everyday household items

An inexpensive and quick way to get your Christmas wrapping done.

7. Here are some fun ways to wrap your presents

This tutorial includes 8 fun ideas that you can use to make your wrapping stand out.

8. Learn how to wrap weird-shaped presents

Because not every present comes in a box.

9. A guide to wrapping larger presents

The bigger the present, the harder it can be to wrap. After you’ve watched this tutorial, those larger gifts won’t present much of a challenge.

10. Learn how to master the bow

Add a Christmassy touch to your gifts by tying them up with a lovely bow. Watch this video to learn how to make a bow with little effort.

11. A simple guide to wrapping Christmas presents

If wrapping presents is a nightmarish task, watch this video and you’ll realise just how easy present wrapping can be.