15 Amazing Night Photography Tutorials

Great night photography skills are very useful to have as you can create cool effects and capture wonderful images that wouldn’t be possible during the day. There is a big difference between shooting photos during the day and shooting at night, so being able to work with the darkness can put you ahead of other photographers who must limit themselves to daylight hours.

Unfortunately the lack of light at night can sometimes make it difficult to know exactly what settings to use on your camera to get the best results, and particular night photography techniques are often difficult to work out unless you’re shown how. By following night photography tutorials you can overcome many of the difficulties of shooting at night and you’ll be able to take awesome portraits, long exposures, landscapes and cityscapes with no trouble once you’ve learned the best techniques. If you’re ready to get to grips with the details of night photography then check out these amazing night photography tutorials to get you started.

12 Tips For Night Photography

This night photography tutorial will teach you 12 great tips for getting the best photos- you’ll learn the best settings to use and how to get cool light trails from city lights.  Night Photography Tutorials- 12 tips

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Essential Tips For Shooting A Night Landscape

If you’d like to learn to shoot landscapes at night then this tutorial will be a great help. You’ll see some brilliant tips to consider for landscapes, learn the best settings to use and also get some inspiration for experimentation in your night landscape photos. Night Photography Tutorials- night landscape

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Photographing The Sky At Night

A wonderful tutorial for giving an insight into how to photograph the starry sky at night, there is a lot of information that would be helpful for any photographer hoping to learn more about night photography. Night Photography Tutorials- night sky

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How To Light At Night

In this cool night photography tutorial you’ll see how to light portraits at night using a flash. The tutorial gives some great tips about flash placement and settings to ensure the perfect exposure so that your photos don’t look too washed out or contrasty. Night Photography Tutorials- lighting

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Photography Cityscapes At Night

Cityscapes are a beautiful choice for night photography as the bright lights and buildings make for some great compositions. This in depth tutorial gives great pointers on all aspects of cityscape night photography. Night Photography Tutorials- cityscape

Milky Way Self Portrait Tutorial

The milky way self portrait image uses a combination of long exposures and light painting in order to create a cool night photo that you can recreate yourself. In the tutorial you’ll learn how the image was created so that you can use the tricks in your own photography.  Night Photography Tutorials- milky way self portrait

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Photographing Traffic Tail Lights At Night Tutorial

See how to shoot great night images where car lights make coloured light trails across your photos. Night Photography Tutorials- light trails

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Night Photography Tips For The Architectural Photographer

If you’re looking to improve your architectural night photography then you can’t go wrong with the techniques put forward in this useful tutorial. You’ll learn tips for the correct camera settings, lighting and composition techniques. Night Photography Tutorials- architectural

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Lightning Night Photography Tutorial

Improve your photography skills by learning to photograph lightning at night. This night photography tutorial will teach you everything you need to know to get the best shot as soon as lightning strikes. Night Photography Tutorials- lightning

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Create Shaped Bokeh For Night Photography

This simple and easy technique can be used to create bokeh in any shape and is perfect for photographing in front of buildings, fairy lights or artificial lights at night. Night Photography Tutorials- shaped bokeh

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How To Photograph The Northern Lights

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where you can see the Northern Lights then you definitely need to take advantage of the techniques shown in this tutorial. You’ll find an in depth guide to taking Northern Light photos so you can get the most awesome shots.  70 North - Norway

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Night Photography Tips

This great night photography tutorial is helpful for both beginners and intermediate photographers who want to improve their night photography. You’ll learn about equipment, settings and exposure. Night Photography Tutorials- tips

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Awesome Long Exposures At Night Tutorial

This video will teach you the best six tips to improve your night time long exposure photography and help you take the best night shots.

6 Tips For Night Photography

If you’re a photography beginner then you’ll want to find some easy ways to improve your night photography so that you can progress your skills. Take a look at this tutorial to see some simple tips for night photos that anyone can follow. Night Photography Tutorials- 6 tips

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Glowing Tent Under a Night Sky Tutorial

This quick video tutorial will teach you how to create an image of a glowing tent underneath a starry night sky. You’ll see exactly how the image was shot so that you can use some of the techniques yourself.

Did you enjoy these night photography tutorials and tips to improve your photography at night? We hope you will find these tutorials very helpful and easy to follow.

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