12 Awesome Acrylic Paints Tutorials - Acrylic Lessons to Follow

12 Awesome Acrylic Paints Tutorials – Acrylic Lessons to Follow

Acrylic paints are a wonderful medium to work with as they can be used to create so many effects. Applied thickly with a knife, acrylics can be used to give a textural impasto effect, while thinned down with water they can be used as a thin wash that builds up colour gently. Acrylic painting tutorials can teach you new painting techniques as well as examples of processes from sketching the initial design to the finished painting.

Acrylic painting tutorials are often written by professional artists so can give an insight into tried and tested professional techniques, along with the effects the artist use to create their own personal style. To follow along with most tutorials all you’ll need is a set of acrylic paints, water, paper and a selection of brushes. The brushes needn’t be expensive sets as you can create some wonderful details with inexpensive brushes too. If you’re looking to build up your skills in acrylics then take a look at these 12 awesome tutorials for acrylic paints.

Acrylic Lemons Still Life Painting Tutorial

In this great video tutorial you’ll learn how to create an impressionistic version of a lemon in acrylic paints and also hear some great tips about working with a limited colour palette.

Awesome acrylic painting tutorials- lemon

Follow the tutorial here

Paint an Autumn Tree in Acrylics

In this acrylic painting tutorial you see how to build up a beautiful autumn tree from loose framework. The tutorial gives you information about the colours and brushes used so you can try the techniques for yourself. Awesome acrylic painting tutorials- autumn tree

Follow the tutorial here

Paint an Acrylic Landscape in 8 Steps

Learn how to create a lovely landscape painting in 8 steps with this tutorial. You’ll see how to water acrylic paints down to create washes that build up the colours of a sunset. Awesome acrylic painting tutorials- acrylic landscape

Follow the tutorial here

Knife Painting Pears With Acrylics

Use knives to create an impasto effect with this painting tutorial. You’ll layer the paint thickly to create a textured impressionistic look that will give you a new technique to experiment with. Awesome acrylic painting tutorials-pears with palette knife

Follow the tutorial here

Poppy Painting Tutorial With a Palette Knife

Create a painting of beautiful poppies by learning how to apply acrylics thickly and use gestural strokes to depict the thick grass field and poppies blowing in the wind. Awesome acrylic painting tutorials- poppy painting

Follow the tutorial here

How to Paint Beautiful Love Birds Using Acrylic Paints

This is a very simple yet amazing acrylic painting tutorial that gives a great demonstration on how to create a beautiful blended background in acrylics. A beautiful scene with love birds sitting on a tree branch.

Four Value Underpainting

This is a great acrylic painting tutorial to learn how to paint portraits for beginners as it shows a simple technique to get an impressionist feel. A four value study uses just four colours to depict the areas of the face, breaking the features down and making them a little easier to get right.  Awesome acrylic painting tutorials- four colour portrait

Follow the tutorial here

Plein Air Painting Tutorial

This demonstration tutorial shows you how you can paint outside to create realistic works from the places you visit and use the details in front of you in your work. Awesome acrylic painting tutorials- plein air painting

Follow the tutorial here

Acrylic Beachscape Tutorial

This is a great painting tutorial to practice your acrylic skills and you’ll learn how to create a beach scene from start to finish in order to perfect your techniques.

acrylic painting tutorials

Follow the tutorial here

Birds Nest Acrylic Video Tutorial

If you’re looking for a beginners acrylic painting project then this bird’s nest tutorial is perfect. You’ll see the brush techniques used to create this style which you can then try yourself.  Awesome acrylic painting tutorials- birds nest

Follow the tutorial here

Acrylic Portrait From Photographs

Ben Lustenhouwer discusses his techniques for creating a portrait from photographs, explaining processes that you can try in your own work. Awesome acrylic painting tutorials-portrait from photos

Follow the tutorial here

Crab Nebula Tutorial

For something a bit different, follow along with this crab nebula tutorial in which you can learn how to get cool effects using acrylic paint and your fingers.

Awesome acrylic painting tutorials- crab nebula

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