10 Awesome DIY Easter Decoration Tutorials

10 Awesome DIY Easter Decoration Tutorials

If you usually buy your Easter decorations but have trouble finding things that you like, or want something a bit more unique and interesting, then creating your own DIY decorations can be a brilliant way to inject some new life into your décor for springtime. If you regularly decorate your home for Easter then you’ll know that coming up with new Easter ideas and projects can be a bit of challenge.

When so many tutorials focus on painted Easter eggs, have you thought of trying something new? There are a whole host of projects that use materials such as fabric, moss, flowers and wool as their basis, which makes for something a bit different and a great way to try out new crafting skills. DIY Easter decorations don’t just have to focus on chicks, and you can create décor pieces in any colours you choose without being tied down to the traditional bright shades. If you’re ready to try something new with decorating this Easter then take a look at our list of 10 awesome Easter decoration tutorials to get you started.

DIY Flying Flower Cups

These amazing flower cups are much easier to make than they seem but don’t they look impressive? The flower decorations you can make with this tutorial can vary depending on your choice of colours but yellows, whites and pinks are always great for Easter.

Follow the tutorial here.

Easter DIY flower flying cups

Fabric Carrot Tutorial

These sweet fabric carrots make wonderful DIY Easter decorations and they look realistic even though they arent edible! Only a small amount of sewing knowledge is needed for this DIY, but the resulting carrots would look great as part of an Easter decoration display.

Follow the tutorial here.

Easter DIY fabric carrots

Easter Egg Topiary Tree

A wonderful way to welcome people into your home at Easter time, this DIY toiary tree is fun and colourful. This is also an inexpensive DIY Easter decoration as the main part of the tree is made from styrofoam covered in moss. As long as you have some colourful eggs to attach, this small project will be a hit!

Follow the tutorial here.

Easter DIY topiary egg tree

Pom Pom Easter Bunnies Tutorial

These are a wonderful decoration for children and they’re cute as part of a display too! The pom pom bunnies don’t require much time to make as you can buy the pom poms pre-made and just assemble all the parts together with glue. A lovely DIY Easter decoration for both children and adults!

Follow the tutorial here.

Easter DIY pom pom easter bunnies

DIY Spring Rag Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas and this DIY spring rag wreath would be perfect for Easter as you can customise the colours to make them bright and cheery. Using rags is one of the most inexpensive ways to make a wreath but the results still look professional and you’d be hard pushed to find a nicer shop bought one for this time of the year.

Follow the tutorial here.

Easter DIY spring rag wreath

DIY Yarn Easter Eggs Tutorial

This is an unusual Easter decoration DIY that will have everyone asking how you did it. If you have glue, yarn or wool and some balloons then you can make these wonderful Easter eggs. They’d look great in a glass vase or bowl as a centrepiece and if you make them from white yarn you’ll be able to use them as a decoration all year round.

Follow the tutorial here.

Easter DIY yarn easter eggs

Natural Dye Coloured Easter Eggs

As an alternative to using paints to decorate eggs for Easter, why not try this tutorial which uses natural dyes plus flowers and leaves to create the wonderful patterns. This is a much more rustic decoration compared to other brightly coloured styles but they really do have a lot of charm and aren’t too difficult to make either.

Follow the tutorial hereEaster DIY natural dyed eggs

Easter Egg Terrariums Tutorial

These fake terrariums look just as good the real thing, plus they’re wonderfully festive and don’t take much looking after. This DIY Easter decoration is made with plastic Easter eggs, dirt, moss and a paper flower, the instructions for which is included in the tutorial

Follow the tutorial here.

Easter DIY easter egg terrariums

DIY Hanging Easter Posies

These hanging Easter posies make really cheerful DIY decorations and they’re not time consuming or difficult either. You will need to make sure you have plenty of egg shells, but that’s just an excuse to eat lots of boiled eggs! The flowers give them a real springtime touch so make sure to choose seasonal blooms.

Follow the tutorial hereEaster DIY hanging easter posies

DIY Washcloth Bunny

This washcloth bunny is a lovely easy DIY Easter decoration and it can be hung anywhere in the home. The bunny is quick to make and you can create several at once to give as gifts or for children on Easter day. The washcloth gives the rabbit a rustic look, and he can be brought out year after year which makes this a wonderful Easter DIY.

Follow the tutorial hereEaster DIY washcloth bunny

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