DIY hideaway printer drawer

The 10 Best DIY Home Storage Tutorials

Spring cleaning and organising is one of those jobs that we hate to do, but it’s so satisfying that when we start it can be difficult to stop. Getting everything stored away and organised can be hardgoing, especially in a small home, as we need to find the right balance between functionality and style. DIY home storage can be the answer to organisation woes as you can cutomise the project to fit the space you have and to tie in with the décor in your room. Creating your own storage can often be much more cost effective than purchasing items such as boxes and organisers, plus there is such a sense of achievement when you make something that does a job well.

Following tutorials is the best way to ensure you don’t waste your time on a project that doesn’t work out. There are many types of DIY home storage tutorials that focus on better organisation and the storage types you can create are endless. The joy in following a tutorial for DIY home storage can sometimes be in the crafting as well as the functional end product, plus the skills you learn through doing things yourself can move you onto bigger projects. If you’d like to learn how to make your own storage items and organisers then look no further than the list of the 10 best DIY home storage tutorials to give you some inspiration.

DIY Hide Away Printer

This is an ingenious storage DIY that uses the drawer of a chest you already have and adds hinges to the front, enabling the drawer to swing down and reveal the printer. This is a reasonably easy and super useful home storage DIY that will hide your printer but allow easy access. DIY hideaway printer drawer

DIY Draw Organisers

Do you find that your drawers are a mess? Everything is piled on top of everything else and you can’t find anything because it’s not organised? That’s why you need organisers! These are made from cheap pieces of wood, there’s no drilling or hammering involved and they can be customised to your drawer size to make sure everything fits. This is a great home storage tutorial and one that won’t take too much time either.  DIY drawer organiser

Hidden Storage Books

If you want to hide your router or other electrical device then this is the DIY tutorial for you. If you don’t have any old hardcover books that you don’t mind cutting up then you can find them cheaply in a charity shop or bargain bin at a bookstore. A wonderful ‘hidden’ storage tutorial! DIY hidden storage books

Jewelry Hanging Organiser Tutorial

If your jewelry is always getting tangled and needs an organised home then this is a great jewelry storage tutorial to follow as its inexpensive and can be adapted to the materials that you can find. A simple wooden tray becomes a useful and attractive hanging jewelry organiser to store your necklace, rings and earrings. DIY jewelry organiser

DIY Bathroom Mirror Storage Case

This is a really useful DIY home storage tutorial for the bathroom as it’s two projects in one- a great mirror as well as a large storage case to hold all your bathroom accessories and products. This is quite a big project that may take some time, but the results are definitely worth it. DIY mirror storage cabinet

DIY Magnetic Organiser

This DIY magnetic organiser is so versatile and can be used to organise anything that isn’t too heavy to be held up by magnets. All the materials you need are a frame, a sheet of metal, some magnets and you’re good to go! This would make a wonderful magnetic makeup organiser, plus it’s simple and cheap to make too! DIY magnetic organiser

DIY Marbled Clay Ring Dishes

These marbled clay ring dishes are easy to make as well as being useful. All that’s needed is some coloured clay twisted together to make these beautiful storage bowls. These would also make great gifts and the recipient would be very impressed with your DIY craft skills!  DIY marbled clay ring dish

Covered Storage Box Tutorial

This is a very simple and inexpensive home storage DIY that uses only cardboard, fabric and glue. The boxes can be covered with any fabric or paper that you like, so you can fit in with the colours of your décor.  DIY covered storage box tutorial

DIY Recycled Paper Basket

It’s almost unbelievable that this basket is made out of scrap paper, but its true! If you have lengths of scrap paper lying around then this is a great way to recycle them and make them into something useful. This home storage tutorial gives instructions for each step of the way and the end result is very impressive. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Slide Out Scarf and Belt Organisers

Scarves and belts are a couple of the most difficult clothing items to store due to their long length. These slide out organisers help keep them neat and allow easy access too. This is a relatively easy DIY as long as you have the correct tools and materials, but it is a real space-saver and makes life much easier! DIY_slide_out_scarf_organizer