tutorials on drawing human faces

A Collection Of 12 Amazing Tutorials On Drawing Human Faces

The human face is fascinatingly complex and intricate. When it comes to drawing it, it’s by no means an easy task, but there are plenty of hints and tips that will make it much easier for you to do. We’ve rounded up 12 tutorials that are full of useful information to help you draw realistic human faces. Watch these tutorials and you’ll find drawing human faces a lot less difficult.

  1. Make your mouth, eyes, nose and hair realistic with this tutorial


They’re the key features of the human face and getting them right will add a lot of quality to your drawing and make it a lot more lifelike.

2. Draw a human face and add shading to it

If you’re struggling to draw shade effectively, simply watch this tutorial and you’ll learn some useful hints that will get you perfecting shade in next to no time at all.

3. Learn how to draw boys’ hair

Watch this handy tutorial on drawing boys’ hair to pick up some useful tips that will make drawing boys’ hair a lot simpler and a lot less time-consuming.

4. Draw realistic mouths and lips with this tutorial

If you can’t quite make your mouths and lips realistic enough, watch this tutorial and you’ll pick up some handy hints on how to make them look as real as possible.

5. Learn how to sketch a human face in 11 minutes or less


If you’re pressed for time or just want to get your drawing done quickly, this tutorial will be of great help.

6. Teach yourself how to draw human heads from the side

Though the tips in this tutorial focus on drawing a female head from the side, you should be able to use the tips to successfully draw male heads from the side as well.

7. Learn how to draw faces with correct proportions


When drawing faces, it’s important that you get all the proportions right so your drawing looks realistic, though getting them right can be difficult. This tutorial aims to make proportions a lot easier to understand.

8. Teach yourself how to draw noses

Drawing noses can be challenging because of their complex shapes. With this tutorial, drawing noses is made a lot easier.

9. Learn how to make your eyes realistic

They say eyes are the window to the soul. With this tutorial you can make your subject’s eyes extremely realistic and lifelike.

10. A step-by-step guide to drawing female faces

Capture feminine facial beauty in your drawings with this handy tutorial.

11. Learn how to draw the basic proportions of a human face

Getting all of the proportions right can be one of the hardest things about drawing faces, but with this tutorial it doesn’t have to be.

12. Learn how to draw a pretty face in pencil

This tutorial will teach you the easiest and most effective way to draw human faces that look captivating and beautiful.