Collection of Very Helpful Tutorials For Amateur Wedding Photographers

Photography is a great hobby and can become a very rewarding profession if taken seriously. Playing with light and using the most of it to capture your subject is one of the most challenging tasks for a photographer. Some photographers have a gifted vision and even without learning photography they can do very well at it. On the other hand, some photographers face a lot of difficulty in handling their subjects, whether they be humans or inhuman objects.

One of the most interesting and popular forms of photography is wedding photography. Many photographers have mastered the art of wedding photography and are now earning well by taking their passion to the next level. It is not only the magic of their equipment but also that of how they see their subject that gives them an edge over their competitors. Are you gearing up to become a professional wedding photographer? Do you have the skills and the eye that can make the bride and groom dance with joy after seeing their wedding shots done so beautifully? If so, get ready as we have bundled up some very awesome tutorials and techniques to help amateur wedding photographers make the most out of their hidden talent. Below is a list of the tutorials that will help you become a master of the skill called wedding photography:

21 Awesome Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographers

From not missing the details to looking at the subject from different perspectives, this amazing post on wedding photography tips does make you a master of your art.

wedding-photography tips


Outdoor Lighting At A Wedding Photo Session

Outdoor shoots are one of the favorite shoots preferred by couples these days. This tutorial will help you master the technique of outdoor lighting in a wedding shoot.

outdoor lighting photography


10 Photography Mistakes that Amateur Wedding Photographers are Most Likely to Make

It is only human to err but if you are a wedding photographer, some mistakes can ruin your career. Find out which mistakes to avoid as a beginner wedding photographer and become successful.



Wedding Photography Composition Techniques

Composition is one of the big bosses of photography. A badly composed photograph can ruin the whole experience and can be a disaster for your career. Find out how to compose a good wedding shot without losing your mind and career.



Making A Plan for Wedding Photoshoot

Learn which factors making the most while planning a wedding photoshoot. Planning ahead is the best thing a wedding photographer can do. So go ahead and find why plan?



Taking Unique Bridal Photos at a Wedding

A bride is the center of attention of every wedding. Whether you are a good photographer or not, your client will always expect the whole photography experience to be best for them at the spot and after being given the photo album, find out how to give your best while photographing the bride at a wedding photoshoot.



Wedding Photography Agreement

When you are a professional, its important to take care of all your tasks professionally. This is a sample wedding photography agreement that you can edit according to your needs.


Hope these tips and techniques will help you become a better wedding photographer. Learning is fun and if you keep learning, you can become a very successful wedding photographer.