29 Error 404 Page Not Found Free Templates That Show State-of-Art Beauty Too

Including a 404 error template is essential like any other website page. It will help you keep your traffic still on website even after witnessing that. The fact is, it will look soberer if you would inform people through a well defining template that utters vividly about the error that they just encountered with a sweet message that remains a sight to see itself.

In order to fully utilize 404 html format one should put up a rather custom error page that has enough magnificence to retain the customer’s confidence with grace.

There are many ways to achieve that. You can incorporate a customized error 404 page with a sweet picture with little more attributes such as inquiry, related textual contents or other articles etc. Designing a fully functional website is not less than a migraine especially when it deals with giving related information to the freebies and helping them recover their traffic flow that might be wasted otherwise with a HTML 404 page.

It must include a reasonable message that imparts the resonance about 404 error. In a split second the client will realize through that page that what he is looking for is currently unavailable.

In this article we are going to share some of the awesome free 404 Error Page Templates to be used on websites.

These 404 error page templates could either be as PSD or HTML formats that you can use anywhere you want to on any of your websites.

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#1 404 Error HTML Template

This 404 error template is created with beautiful hue and foundation. Its simplicity is the sign of impact that it is liked by many web designers.

#2 404 Error Page Mobile Template

White 404 Error Page layout could be essentially used for organizations, portfolios, professionals and individuals. It gives a great glimpse into fashionista, very catchy for fashion world websites. It gives great reflection on iPhones.

#3 Deadlink 404 Error

Deadlink 404 is available in a variety of designs. This is very basic layout. It is very mobile friendly and looks great on all gadgets and web formats.Metal Mania Text Style by Google Fonts has been utilized to create this one.

#4 Free Robotik 404 Error Page HTML Template

Robotik 404 Error page is an absolutely free HTML template.  It can be customized as well in 4 shades and 7 basic designs. This could be applied to any website.

#5 Woody 404 Page Not Found Free Template

The Woody 404  is basically a plan 404 Error Template. This one is purely based on the wood foundation that contains structures carved out of wood designs.

#6 404 Error- CSS Animated Html Template

This very unique of its kind CSS Animated Html Template is carefully created Animated HTML5 responsive template based on Twitter Bootstrap 3. It can give a website a flamboyant glow and you are given the liberty to make more pages from this collection easily.



#7 Creative 404 Pages

Creative 404 pages (part 2)is the finest addition to your creative website. The main attributes of this template are creativity, fine-tuned idea and clean code.


#8 Neatly Woven 404 Error Page PSD Templates

This simplest looking PSD 404 Error template is free for the freebies. For a considerable length of time the web designers did not give it much attention but for a few years this trend has been taking strides in the world of web designing. For those who want to convey their message simply this simple template is the best.


#9 404 Error Broken Pencil PSD Template


#10 404 Error page PSD Template


#11 Chemico – Responsive Animated 404 Error Template

This Chemico template is a unique, animated, responsive and retina-friendly carefully curated 404 error template.


#12 Eve 404 – Responsive 404 Coming Soon

This is a responsive/comingsoon/Underconstruction template for the freebies. You can use wherever you want to. It has a beautiful background slider and a jQuery Countdown Timer.


#13 Pose 404 Page Unavailable

Poses 404 Page Cannot be Found Template is for web and mobile websites. This is designed as HTML and Responsive CSS and the cartoon representation gives it a meaningful way to express.


#14 Wizm 404 Error – Responsive 404 Error Template

This one is absolutely for freebies that could be used for company/individual/professional websites. This has the beautiful background that appeals to eyes as well.


#15 Free 404 Error Page Template #3

This is a very unique and custom designed default page which might be scary and funny too in a sense. This could be very functional.

#16 Free Monster 404 error page illustration

This is such a cool Error 404 web template that it would make you grab it when you see it.


#17 Fresh 404 Error Template

Sorry The Page You’re Looking For Cannot Be Found is a nice caption for this template.

12 Free Vector 404 Error Page Cannot Be Found Templates

Alejandro with his team at  Freepik have created these crazy vector 404 templates to be used free. You can use them to add fun to your projects beside by giving a link back to the real creators.













Source: Freepik