14 Best Oil Painting Tutorials for Oil Painting Enthusiasts

Of the different types of paint, oil is widely thought to be the hardest to master. Don’t let that put you off – we’ve rounded up 14 of the best oil tutorials that will help you perfect your oil painting techniques and get used to using oil paint.

1. Oil painting for beginners

This tutorial gives you an overview of oil paint and is ideal for those who have no experience with oil painting or those who haven’t yet mastered oil painting and need some tips.

2. Learn how to give your oil painting layers

Give your oil painting depth and dimension with this useful tutorial.

3. Teach yourself how to blend your oil paints

By blending your oil paints, you can get even more out of them – the possibilities are endless!

4. Oil painting supplies for beginners

A useful guide to all the different things you’ll need to create an oil painting of your very own.

5. Learn all about how to glaze with oil paints

Glazing is a painting technique that involves applying a thin layer of transparent paint over a dried layer of opaque paint to enhance the appearance of the underlayer. This tutorial offers a step-by-step demonstration that will help you perfect the glazing technique with oil paints.

6. Paint a gorgeous sunset evening sky

It’s no wonder so many artists paint sunsets and after watching this tutorial, you’ll be able to as well.

7. Learn all about blending and brushwork with this useful tutorial

You don’t realise how much you can do with paints and paintbrushes until you learn about new techniques.

8. Transform a walk in the forest into a painting you can be proud of

Watch this tutorial to learn how you can effectively paint a forest landscape. Trees and foliage can be difficult to paint, but with this tutorial they don’t have to be.

9. Use a painting knife to improve your oil painting

Painting knives are great for mixing paints on your palette and are handy to have when you want to apply paint to the canvas.

10. Learn how to create lifelike portraits using oil paints

With oil paints you can create highly realistic portraits – pick up some handy hints and tips with this tutorial.

11. Organise your oil painting palette

If you’re having trouble deciding what to put on your palette, watch this tutorial for some useful advice.

12. Choose the right brushes for oil painting


When it comes to painting with oils, it’s important you pick the right brushes so you can get the most out of the paint you’re working with. This tutorial offers some advice on what brushes to use and what effects different brushes can give your painting.

13. Learn all about water soluble oil paints

The key difference between standard oil paint and water soluble oil paint is that the latter can easily be removed and cleaned up using rags dipped in soapy water, whereas standard oil paint has to be removed using chemicals such as turpentine, which often have quite harmful fumes.

14. Mix your oil paint colours


This tutorial will give you some useful information about the colour wheel and will give you a better understanding of how you can mix oil paints to produce better paintings.