The Best Tutorials For Editing Eyes in Photoshop

Whether you’re a beginner or professional portrait photographer, there’s no denying that the eyes are one of the most important facial features, but making them look perfect can be a tough task. Editing techniques can leave unwanted unrealistic effects that make the photo look over-retouched and can ruin a beautiful photo.
It’s never too early or too late to brush up on photo editing skills whether you want to create a specific eye effect or just improve your photo overall, and eye editing tutorials are the best way to learn. Because humans are naturally drawn to the eyes, getting this important feature right is paramount for your images. Photoshop is the most common image editing software and Photoshop tutorials for editing the eyes will teach you new skills that you can use for future photos, as well as any that you’re looking to retouch now.
Techniques specific to the eyes can include removing red eye, changing the colour, making eyes brighter and removing stray hairs, as well as special effects such as creating black alien style eyes. If you’re looking for best tutorials to edit eyes in Photoshop then take a look at the list below for some great new techniques to learn.

Realistic Eye Editing Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to add realistic effects to the eyes to make them look perfect but natural. A few minutes of retouching is all that’s needed and you’ll be left with great results. Photoshop Eye Editing- realistic

Follow the tutorial here

How to Remove Red Eye Non Destructively

Using masks, channels and blending modes you’ll learn how to use the red eye removal tool non destructively and create a mask to use for any type of red eye removal. Photoshop Eye Editing-red eye

Follow the tutorial here

Tutorial To Change Eye Colour In Photoshop

This great eye editing tutorial shows you how to change eye colour using Photoshop in an efficient and non destructive way. The tutorial starts with realistic eye colours and then moves to changing tones and even creating red eyes.  Photoshop Eye Editing-change colour

Follow the tutorial here

Colour, Brighten and Sharpen Eyes

This great in depth video tutorial shows the techniques for colouring, brightening and sharpening the eyes to make them stand out and capture attention. You’ll also see how to use the dodge and burn tools to create amazing eye results. Photoshop Eye Editing-colour brighten sharpen

Follow the tutorial here

Inky Black Eyes Tutorial

This tutorial for editing eyes in Photoshop shows you how to create a shiny, inky black eye effect that would be great for zombie, vampire or extra terrestrial edits. The tutorial shows images of each step so is easy to understand and follow along. Photoshop Eye Editing- black eyes

Follow the tutorial here

Eerie Eye Manipulation Technique

This Photoshop eye tutorial uses dodge, burn, brushes and layer masks to create an eerie red toned image that would work well for supernatural themed images. Photoshop Eye Editing-eerie effect

Follow the tutorial here

Remove Glasses From Portraits in Photoshop

This brilliant eye editing video tutorial shows you how to remove glasses from a glasses wearer by rebuilding parts of the eye and using cloning techniques. Photoshop Eye Editing- removing glasses

Follow the tutorial here

How to Whiten Eyes

This quick video tutorial will teach you how to easily whiten the eyes in Photoshop while keeping them looking natural and realistic. You’ll learn how to use masks and other tools that will further your Photoshop knowledge as well as enabling you to edit eyes well. Photoshop Eye Editing- whiten eyes

Follow the tutorial here

Edit Closed Eyes Open

It can be incredibly annoying to have an image where someone is blinking or closing their eyes, but luckily the problem can be fixed easily in Photoshop with some easy editing techniques. Photoshop Eye Editing-closed eyes open

Follow the tutorial here

Remove Hair and Redness in The Eye

This tutorial for eye editing is in two parts- how to the sharpen eyes and how to remove hair and redness in the eyes. The second video teaches you how to edit away stray hair that cross the eyes and how to reduce veins and redness. You’ll learn how to use frequency separation and the clone stamp tool which will be incredibly helpful for other projects too. Photoshop Eye Editing- remove hair and veins

Follow the tutorial here

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