creating collage in photoshop tutorials

12 Tutorials On Making Amazing Photo Collages Using Photoshop

These days we’re obsessed with taking photos, sprucing them up and presenting them to the world. If you want to brighten up your photo collection and add some cool touches to it, watch these videos on how to make photo collages using Photoshop. With Photoshop you can easily create all sorts of wonderfully inventive collages that look pretty amazing. Give these tutorials a watch and get started on creating your very own collages.

  1. Create collages for your existing photos

After watching this tutorial, you should be able to easily create a stunning collage in less than half an hour.

2. A guide to creating photo collage posters

Take your photo collection to the next level by learning how to create amazing photo collage posters.

3. A tutorial on making mosaics

Mosaics are the ultimate collage and it’s fascinating to see hundreds of photos come together to create a single image. Watch this tutorial to find out how you can create a brand new image out of your existing photos.

4. How to create a twisted photo collage

Watch this tutorial if you wanted to create a photo collage with a twist.

5. Some creative collage ideas

Watch this tutorial and you’ll be able to make all sorts of unique and inventive collages.

6. Learn how to make a split panel collage

By using shape layers and clipping masks you can crop your photos and put them together to make panel collages.

7. Create circular photo collages with this tutorial

Creating circular photo collages is quick and easy to do – watch this tutorial to find out how you can create your own.

8. Learn how to create a collage frame effect

A collage frame effect makes a single image look like it’s made up of several different photos put together. After watching this tutorial, you’ll be able to easily create collage photo effts for your photos.

9. Be a Photoshop wiz and create this stunning out of bounds effect

With this tutorial you’ll be able to make the subject pop out of the photo with ease.

10. Create a text collage and fill your words with photos

It’s easy to do and it looks great – make your words more meaningful with this amazingly useful tutorial.

11. A guide on creating out of frame photo collages

They look cool and the best thing about them is that they’re very easy to create.

12. Learn how to create a nine-square collage

An easy and quick guide that will get you creating Instagram-style nine-square collages of any size in next to no time at all.