Master the Art of Drawing Lifelike Portraits With These 12 Tutorials

If you’ve ever fancied trying your hand at drawing portraits but can’t quite get them to look realistic, we’ve got just the solution for you. Here are 12 tutorials that are packed full of useful hints and tips to perfect your skills at drawing human faces. Some focus on black and white drawing, while others focus on using coloured pencils. ex

  1. Let’s get started with what supplies you’ll need for drawing portraits

This video gives you a useful overview of the sorts of supplies you’ll need for a successful portrait drawing session.

2. Some dos and don’ts of drawing realistic portraits

Make sure you’re drawings are heading in the right direction. Follow the tips given in the tutorial and you should have no problem creating fine portraits with a sense of realism.

3. Start off with the face (drawing realistic portraits)

Getting the proportions can be tricky. Give this tutorial a watch for a handy guide to drawing human faces – it’s easier than it seems.

4. Add more realism to your portraits by mastering the art of drawing hair

Unless you’re drawing someone who’s bald or wearing a hat, you’ll face the task of drawing hair, which can be quite challenging. Watch this tutorial to see how simple the process of drawing human hair can be.

5. Watch this tutorial the master how to draw the human eye

Even in black and white, the human eye is still captivating and enchanting – this video will explain how you can draw the human eye using just one pencil

6. Now try the mouth and lips

A step-by-step guide to mastering two of the most difficult parts of the the human face to draw: the mouth and the lips. Watch this tutorial to find out how to get them just right.

7. An easy guide to portrait drawing

This realistic portraits tutorial includes a series of useful techniques that cover the basics of drawing portraits.

8. Learn how to draw realistic portraits from photos

After watching this tutorial, you’ll be able to take any portrait-style photograph and accurately reproduce it as a drawing.

9. A useful guide to drawing skin with colour pencils

Drawing human skin in colour can be challenging – how do make it look convincing and lifelike? This tutorial will give you some useful hints and tips so you can get it just right.

10. Another useful tutorial, this time about drawing noses in colour

This tutorial will teach you exactly how to draw noses in colour that look as lifelike as possible.

11. And here’s one about drawing eyes

Make the eyes of your portrait’s subject vivid and striking. They”re the window to the soul – watch this tutorial to find out how you can give them life and make them stand out.

12. And one about drawing hair

Drawing hair using coloured pencils can seem like a daunting task – watch this tutorial and you’ll realise it’s a lot easier than you think.