13 Best Linux For Kids Education Distros To Educate And Entertain Them [Updated]

Linux being a very popular operating system due to its versatile nature has not only given adults the liberty to develop and program well but it has given superbly incredible features to younger users to enjoy with its different distros.  There are a great number of distros that kids can fully take advantage of and experience the phenomena of virtual fun learning environment in a totally surprising way.

Check out listed below 13 best Linux for education distros for kids to learn and have fun. Here is the detailed step by step guide to install Linux Distros.

#1 Debian Edu/Skolelinux

linux for kids 2020

Debian Edu popularly known as Skolelinux tops the list. It gives kids a unique virtual environment with configured educational network. One can install this OS easily as it is exclusively configured with terminal server, work stations and ready-at-hand clients. Not only that, Skolelinux provides a hosted LDAP database, Home Directories, Kerberos authenticity as well as web proxy and other features. Besides it has a new feature added for Debian Edu 9 “Stretch.” Stretch has surprising new features that will definitely make the school networking great with a lot of programs available at Debian archive.

Download Debian Edu/Skolelinux

#2 DoudouLinux

This distro DouduLinux is second on our list. Its exclusive its complete full version is absolutely free to download without any restrictions that does not require paying a penny. However, the updates are kept dormant for a while but still there is a lot already available that the enthusiastic kids can take full advantage of. There is a good minimum requirement for a PC that we already keep these days in our homes to run any operating system that we can use to install DoudouLinux easily like a system with 256 MB memonry and 800MHz processor.

Download DoudouLinux

#3 Edubuntu

Edubuntu is the third very useful Linux distro on our list which is one of the Ubuntu projects beautifully designed for education systems in schools. It has remained a very useful education edition that provides separate applications to sort educational software for grade levels. There are three educational bundle programs that you can use. Such as Ubuntu Preschool, Primary (ages 6-12), Secondary (ages 13-18) and also Tertiary for university level education system. These applications are free to use. However, if you want to you can install all of these applications at once in a single package.

Download Edubuntu

#4 LinuxKidX

The fourth educational environment on our list is LinuxKidX which is also a completely free one by Ubuntu educational projects. It is ideal for the children between the ages 2-15 years. It has separate applications for many purposes. However, the default language is Portuguese that you can change. You just have to download KDE idiom and install it. Later you can change all the settings and restart to use it.

Download LinuxKidX

5| OpenSUSE: Education-Li-f-e

This openSUSE distro is very simple to use with great stability. The bundle includes program for students, parents and also educators. It contains various features that are supposed to make the systems more useful and productive for different educational purposes. This operating system aims at making several tools and applications available for students and teachers to help them make learning easy and convenient.

Get OpenSUSE: Education-Li-f-e Here

6| Qimo 4 Kids

Qimo 4 Kids is an open source operating system which is based on Ubuntu Linux for desktops. It has separate applications for children of different ages. Although it has not been updated recently and has been discontinued for sometimes yet it is available to download and use.

You can download, install and use it for free and it is a very nicely created operating system with a lot surprising features.

Download Qimo 4 Kids

7| Sugar On A Stick

Sugar On A Stick is one of the ideal operating systems for educational purpose. It has been designed to fit on a USB stick. It runs on any of Notebook, Desktop or laptop. The best part about this OS is it’s an activity based, free and opensource that ensure to provide good learning environment to children. It provides an ease by auto-saving the work on the stick which the parents and teachers can easily see later on in the sessions.

Download Sugar On A Stick

8| Ubermix

One of the highly sophisticated OS for children is Ubermix which is free and opensource. It is designed solely after keeping in mind the modern learning requirements. It empowers students and teachers to remove complexities and make learning as simple as possible. It is very reliable, easy-to-operate and has great software compatibility. It comes with more than 60 pre-built applications and software which make the learning process easy and convenient. Once it is downloaded and installed it all you need is to just start using it.

Download Ubermix

9| KnoSciences

KnoSciences is 9th on our best Linux Operating Systems for kids list. KnoSciences distro has been based on Knoppix which has a good number of free software and applications already installed such as Texamacs and Lyx that get included in this package. There are few things that make this OS a wonderful experience such as it comes with a bootable CD, it detects hardware automatically and supports devices like SCSI and USBs, sound cards and graphic cards. Though it is discontinued but you can get a copy of it download it.        

Download KnoSciences

10| Kano

The 10th most powerful Linux education operating system for kids is Kano. This Linux distro is exclusively designed for kids and based on Debian. It is a complete package that comes with a lot of great builtin features and apps. It help children learn artificial intelligence, computer designing and generates codes for games and apps. If you want kids to learn a great deal beside having fun, Kano has to be that operating system.

Download Kano

#11| Elementary Linux OS

This Linux distro is highly suitable for not only kids but adults as well. Elementary OS is opensourced, fast Ubuntu based distro. The non-techincal users can learn much because it is designed for such users. So basically it starts from zero and cultivates children mind properly. The parents can change and customize settings according to the needs for children which make this OS highly recommended.

Download Elementary Linux OS

#12| Leeenux Kids

Have you ever heard about Leeenux Kids? This Linux Distro is LTS Ubuntu based and also is a complete package for netbooks, Laptops and Desktops. Leeenux’s kids edition Leeenux Kids is solely designed for children. The children can learn besides having fun and playing games live which don’t require to be installed.

Downlaod Leeenux Kids

#13| Educado

Educado is the final Linux distro on our list which is completely free and opensourced. It is absolutely free with a lot of surprising kinds-friendly features and apps. One can use just a USB to begin with. It is considered one of the best Linux for kids from pre-school to primary.

It has a great number of learning apps which are primarily educational based. It gives parents an ease to control, monitor and customize its settings.

Dowonload Educado