Learn How To Create Sweet Desserts For Your Loved Ones With These 12 Awesome Tutorials

If you ever want to treat your loved ones, why not make them some delicious and delectable desserts? Here are 12 tutorials on making desserts that you’re sure to take lots of ideas and inspiration from. The recipes are simple to follow and the desserts themselves are very appetising – just remember to save some for other people!

  1. Anyone for meringue cookies?

An irresistible dessert that has a very simple recipe to follow. Making them is very easy and you’re sure to enjoy them once they’re made.

2. A guide to making brownies from scratch

The recipe is easy to follow and the end result is delicious!

3. Best Nutella doughnuts tutorial

Watch this tutorial to learn how to make doughnuts from scratch and how to stuff them full of Nutella. An indulgent treat for sure!

4. Want to make mini macaroons?

Macaroons are easy to make, pretty to look at, and very tasty indeed. You can get creative and make them in any sort of colour you want.

5. Learn how to make single-portion tiramisu

The great thing about single-portion desserts is that you can eat them and not feel guilty about it!

6. Want to make a rainbow cake?

A real feast for the eyes (and mouth), rainbow cakes look great and they’re surprisingly simple to make.

7. Here are some Christmassy desserts for you to try


Even the biggest of Scrooges won’t say no to these Christmas-themed desserts.

8. How about some healthier desserts?


The three desserts in this tutorial are very easy to make and they’re all very healthy! Watch to find out how to make coconut panna cotta, fresh fruit dessert and chia pudding parfait.

9. Some more ideas for healthy desserts


People feel less guilty about eating desserts when they’re healthy. One of the best things about healthy desserts is that they’re absolutely delicious.

10. If cakepops take your fancy, watch this

Who doesn’t love a good cakepop? Combine lollipops with cakes and make a sweet dessert that will surely go down a treat with everyone.

11. How about some chocolate mousse?

It looks appetising, it tastes great and as this tutorial shows, chocolate mousse is very easy to make!

12. Here are three easy desserts you can make in five minutes or less – and they don’t require any baking

These scrumptious treat are extremely easy to make and they’re absolutely delicious. They’re a great option for when you’re pushed for time and want to make lovely desserts without the hassle of having to do any baking.