The 10 Most Awesome Springtime Decoration Tutorials to Try

The spring season is all about changes, new life and growth. So there’s no better way to welcome spring into the home than by creating some new and brightly coloured springtime decorations to liven the place up! DIY decorations are brilliant to make because the outcomes are so varied and versatile, meaning you can customise the colours to suit your tastes.

Springtime decoration tutorials can teach you a wealth of new tricks and techniques that will make sure the project is the best it can be but also give you skills to take forward into further craft projects. The skills you’ll learn in the spring DIY tutorials below include clay shaping, stenciling and simple macramé that can be used for a huge number of future DIY crafts! Take your pick of the best springtime decoration tutorials to learn how to make some wonderful spring home décor.

DIY Spring Moss Coasters

What better way to brighten up the kitchen or living room for spring than with some new coasters? Using moss mat, its easy to create this wonderful DIY springtime decoration and it will give you inspiration for new ways to bring the outdoors inside to your home.  Springtime Decoration Tutorials- Moss Coasters

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Paper Cherry Blossoms

This springtime decoration tutorial is a low cost way to bring some of the joys of spring inside with a branch decorated using little blossom flowers that will never wilt or die. Creating tissue paper flowers is easy, inexpensive but very rewarding when you see how realistic they look. The flowers you learn to create from this tutorial can be used in a variety of different projects.  Springtime Decoration Tutorials- Paper Cherry Blossoms

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Paper Daffodil Wreath Tutorial

This beautiful daffodil wreath is easy to make and a wonderful brightening accessory for your home. All that’s needed is coloured paper and a little know-how to make the lovely spring flowers which are then fashioned into a wreath and can be hung anywhere you like! Springtime Decoration Tutorials- Paper Daffodil Wreath

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Pastel Animal Storage Jar Tutorial

A bit of paint can brighten up even the most boring of objects and these storage jars are a great example. Make sure to follow the instructions on the can of spray paint so you get an even coat, and then fill the jars with Easter treats or use them in the bedroom or bathroom as storage. You can use a variety of animals and colours to create this spring décor DIY so you can match in with your current colour schemes.  Springtime Decoration Tutorials- Pastel Animal Storage Jars

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DIY Fabric Covered Books

This is such a wonderful and easy way to inject some bright spring colours into your space and learn how to cover books at the same time. These fabric covered books are a great starting place and you could go on to use trickier fabrics and paper. The post includes a few tips and tricks for the covering technique which are very handy! Springtime Decoration Tutorial DIYs- Fabric Covered Books

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Twig and Butterfly Centerpiece

This is a wonderfully simple spring DIY but one that is versatile and can be customised in many ways. The tutorial gives a great resource for printing and creating the butterflies, but you don’t have to use paper butterflies- what about other insects, or maybe little birds? This is a great DIY for you to add your own personality and put your spin on the idea. Springtime Decoration Tutorial DIYs-Twig and Butterfly Centrepiece

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Stenciled Outdoor Planter

A lovely spring decoration tutorial that teaches you how to stencil a plant pot or bowl. You can use a variety of stencils and colours with this tutorial, making it simple to follow and easy to personalise.  Springtime Decoration Tutorial DIYs-Stenciled Planter

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Make A Real Flower Garland

Nothing says spring more than fresh flowers, and this spring DIY tutorial will teach you the art of garland making. Thankfully, it is easier than it looks and you’ll be able to learn how to make a fresh flower garland in no time so you can progess to include a range of flowers and colours. Springtime Decoration Tutorial DIYs-Real Flower Garland

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DIY Macramé Plant Hanger

Macramé can be difficult for a beginner but thankfully this tutorial makes the technique easy to understand. This simple macramé plant hanger is made from a wooden ring, 4 strands of wool and a plant pot. Once you’ve completed this tutorial you will have a great introduction to macramé and can learn to create more DIY spring decorations from wool, yarn and string.  Springtime Decoration Tutorial DIYs- Macrame Plant Hangers

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Lacey Storage Container DIY

For some, nothing says spring more than white lace. So what better way to create a springtime decoration than to make some lacey storage containers for your home! These are a wonderful spring DIY project and a great introduction to working with clay as they’re simple to make but look impressive. They’re also functional too which is a bonus! Springtime Decoration Tutorial DIYs- Lace Clay Containers

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