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Improve Your Drawing Techniques With These 13 Useful Tutorials

If you want to get into drawing but don’t know where to begin, fear not. We’ve rounded up over a dozen tutorials on drawing that will get you creating wonderful drawings in no time at all. Watch these videos to learn some techniques, pick up some handy hints and improve your confidence with pencils.

  1. An overview and introduction to drawing

Start off with this useful guide to drawing, which gives an overview of the supplies you’ll need and teaches you some basic techniques, such as sketching and shading.

2. Master shading with this guide to shading

If you shade correctly, your drawings will have much more of a sense of realism about them.

3. Learn how to break complex objects down into basic shapes

This tutorial will help you take even the most complex of things and come up with an easy way of getting them drawn.

4. A guide to controlling your pencil

You’re only going to get the most from your pencil if you know how to hold it properly and to stay in control of it. Watch this tutorial to find out how.

5. How to draw using one point of perspective

One-perspective drawings contain just one vanishing point on the horizon line and typically feature things like railway tracks, roads, alleyways, corridors and hallways. Drawings done in this way have parallel lines that converge at the vanishing point (i.e. the railway tracks in the video’s screenshot).

6. How to draw using two points of perspective

Two-perspective drawings feature a central object that acts as a point of convergence. The edge of the house closest to the reader splits the perspective two ways (so you look either side of the edge of the house). Instead of having one vanishing point, two-perspective drawings typically have two.

7. Want to know how to draw flowers? Here’s how

Everyone loves a good drawing of flowers, so watch this video to find out how you can draw them and make them realistic.

8. Learn how to draw water drops

Water is one of the hardest things to draw accurately. If your drawing is going to feature water and you want to know how to draw it so it looks realistic, this guide to drawing water drops will be of great help.

9. Give this tutorial a watch to see how landscapes are drawn

Watch this and you’re bound to pick up some useful hints and techniques on drawing landscapes. It may look hard, but in fact it’s very easy to do once you’ve got the know-how.

10. Want to draw in colour?

This tutorial includes an overview of everything you need to know about drawing using coloured pencils. Give it a watch if you want to add a splash of colour to your drawings.

11. A tutorial with 12 techniques for drawing in colour

Master these techniques and you’ll be well on your way to mastering drawing in colour.

12. Learn how to blend colours when drawing using coloured pencils

Use these blending techniques and you’ll be able to create all sorts of colours for your drawings.

13. A guide to shading using coloured pencils

Shading in colour is more complicated than shading in black and white, but it’s easy enough to do once you know how. Watch this tutorial to find out how to shade using coloured pencils.