15 Awesome Silhouette Photography Tutorials

15 Awesome Silhouette Photography Tutorials – Tips, Tricks & Videos

Silhouette photography is a cool technique in which a very dark subject is contrasted against a bright and often colourful background. This creates amazing drama in the photograph and can be used to convey emotion and mood or just to create an awesome effect. Silhouette photography is a great technique to learn for all genres of photographers and from beginners to the more advanced.

Following silhouette photography tutorials is the most rewarding way to learn the tricks and techniques that will take your silhouette photos from mediocre to beautiful. There are several things to take into account when shooting silhouettes, such as your light source, position of the subject and your camera settings, and tutorials can teach you all about this and more. You’ll also be able to get some ideas and inspiration for your silhouette photos that you can use when you’re out and about or on your next professional shoot. To learn more about creating silhouette photography, take a look at the silhouette photography tutorials below:

Simple Steps For Shooting Amazing Silhouettes

In this tutorial you’ll see how to shoot great silhouettes with tips for shooting in a studio and in the wild along with helpful suggestions for camera settings. A great silhouette photography tutorial for beginners or those with more advanced skills. Silhouette Photography Tutorials- simple steps

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How To Photograph Silhouettes

Find out 8 simple steps for shooting brilliant silhouette photos to add mood and mystery to your shots. Great for beginners, this tutorial will teach you everything you need to know to get started. Silhouette Photography Tutorials- 8 easy steps

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Silhouette Photography Made Easy

Along with wonderful examples, this tutorial will show you that silhouette photography doesn’t need to be difficult. You’ll see which settings to adjust your camera to and the considerations to take into account when planning a silhouette shot. Silhouette Photography Tutorials- made easy

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Take Stunning Silhouette Photos With Your iPhone

This silhouette photography tutorial will teach you ten great tips for taking silhouettes with your iPhone if you don’t have a DSLR, or if you’re without your camera when you see an opportunity to take a great picture.  Silhouette Photography Tutorials- iphone

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How To Create The Perfect Silhouette

This tutorial will give you some great tips as well as an introduction to spot metering and hints on camera settings such as ISO and aperture to get the best silhouette photos.

Silhouette Photography Tutorials- silhouette

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Creating a Silhouette Photo With One Light

If you’d like to create a silhouette photo in a studio or with professional lighting then this helpful silhouette tutorial will show you how to achieve a great effect with just one light. Also included are post processing tips to make sure your photos look their best. Silhouette Photography Tutorials- one light

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What Settings To Use For Silhouette Photography

Learn which settings to use on your camera to get the best silhouette shots with this handy tutorial which talks about DSLRs and iPhones too, so you can take wonderful silhouette photos whether you’re a beginner or advanced photographer. Silhouette Photography Tutorials- settings

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How To Shoot a Silhouette By Nikon

Nikon gives some handy tips in this silhouette photography tutorial to help you shoot your best images. The tutorial gives hints on things like the model’s clothing and where to place the focus for your shots. Silhouette Photography Tutorials- NIKON

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How To Get Awesome Silhouettes

This great video tutorial teaches you how to get awesome silhouettes using the sun as light source, in particular a setting sun. You’ll see the settings and considerations needed for the shot as well as some post processing techniques to make it look amazing.

Silhouette Photography Tutorial

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to plan out a silhouette shoot and then follow through to taking the images. This is a great tutorial for all abilities that you’ll definitely learn from.

Tips For Shooting Into The Sun

Shooting outdoors can sometimes be the best and easiest option for silhouettes, and this tutorial will give you the necessary information to shoot into the sun including camera settings to think about. Silhouette Photography Tutorials- sun

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Silhouette Tips and Tutorial

A quick and simple tutorial but with some indispensable advice for shooting silhouette photos that will be helpful for all types of photographers. Silhouette Photography Tutorials- tips and tutorial

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How To Photograph A Silhouette Portrait With Studio Lighting

Studio lighting can create great silhouette effects and in this video tutorial you’ll learn how to use studio lights to create portrait silhouettes indoors. This is great for more advanced photographers and you’ll quickly see how you can create amazing silhouette portrait images.

Photographing a Silhouette

Learn the metering techniques needed to create a perfect silhouette that’s exposed to create the most contrast and drama in this cool silhouette photography tutorial.

Silhouette Photography Tutorials- photographing a silhouette

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Silhouette Photography How To

This great tutorial will give you hints on all aspects of your silhouette photography in an easy to understand way. The inspiration images are beautiful and colourful, and you’ll learn how to position models as well as how get the correct exposure.

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