10 Awesome Handmade Card Making Tutorials for Mother’s Day

Card making can be such a rewarding craft as seeing the delight on someone’s face when they know that you’ve taken the time to make something personally for them is something that can’t be beaten. You can make cards for any occasion from Christmas to birthdays, but we all know that mothers are the ones who really appreciate the handmade touch the most.

When thinking about making a DIY Mother’s Day card, it helps to consider the styles and colours that your mom really loves so that you can choose a design that will make her smile. Following Mother’s Day card tutorials is the best way to get a perfect outcome with your card making and learn new skills to use in further crafting. The best Mother’s Day tutorials include techniques such as paper cutting, quilling and printing. We’ve got all those and more covered in our list of awesome DIY card making tutorials for Mother’s Day.

Mom 3D Pop Up Card

This is a great modern 3D DIY Mother’s Day card that looks really striking on a solid coloured background. The tutorial includes PDF files which you can download and use as a template to cut out the design- you just need a craft knife and a cutting mat. This is a great one if you don’t have a lot of crafting skills but still want to hand make a card.

Mothers Day card DIYs pop up mom card

DIY Doily Watercolour Card

This pretty handmade Mother’s Day card is made simply by using watercolour paints over the top of a paper doily to give a colourful silhouette effect that your mom will love! This beautiful doily handmade card can be customised for any occasion so this makes a great DIY Mother’s Day card tutorial. Use your mom’s favourite colours and she will treasure this lovely card.

Mothers Day card DIYs doily watercolour

DIY Cut Paper Card

This DIY card tutorial teaches you the art of paper cutting and enables you to make a card with the words ‘you are rather wonderful’, perfect for Mother’s Day! Your mom will be amazed that you made this yourself but essentially all that’s needed is some paper, a knife and fabric backing to stick behind the lettering.

Mothers Day card DIYs Paper cutting

Flower Mother’s Day Card Tutorial

This beautiful floral pop up card would delight any mother and she’ll be thrilled that you took the time to make this card for her! The tutorial includes a handy PDF petal template and the photos show each step of the card making process which is easy to follow, making this
one of the best Mother’s Day DIY handmade card tutorials. Mothers Day card DIYs floral pop up card

Super Mum DIY Card Tutorial

For a DIY handmade card that will make her on smile on Mother’s Day, you can’t beat this super mum design! The instructions are easy to follow and enable you to make a lovely DIY card for your mom that even has a removable badge attached, and what’s more there’s a free template included for the badge to make life easier!

Mothers Day card DIYs super mum printable

DIY Botanical Card

This lovely DIY Mother’s Day card needn’t be displayed in a frame such as in this tutorial, as it can be created on a folding card to put in an envelope for your mom, but the results are beautiful either way! You may need to make this ahead of time as it involves pressing flowers (purchase a microwave flower press from your local craft shop if you’re in a hurry) but it makes a lovely shabby chic style design. The perfect tutorial for a DIY Mother’s Day card!

Mothers Day card DIY botanical card

DIY Cherry Blossom Card

Who wouldn’t love to open this gorgeous cherry blossom DIY Mother’s Day card on the big day? This DIY handmade card tutorial gives a great introduction to quilling, which is making tight concentric circles from narrow strips of paper. If you’d like to try something new for Mother’s Day this year then this is a great tutorial to follow!

Mothers Day card DIYs  cherry blossom card

Washi Tape Mother’s Day Card Tutorial

If you’re in a hurry and have some coloured or patterned washi tapes to hand then this is a brilliant Mother’s Day handmade card tutorial to follow as this card is easy and quick to make. This fun card can be made in less than 10 minutes but is pretty enough to present to your mom, and you can customise it with her favourite colour if you have a choice of washi tapes!

Mothers Day card DIYs washi tape card

Printable Monagram Card

This is a lovely shabby chic Mother’s Day card that actually doesn’t require much effort from you, but you can still say that you made it! The tutorial includes free printable cards featuring the letters A-Z inside a lovely flower design, which would look brilliant printed onto torn-edged paper before being mounted on the card for a distressed look! With these you could either choose the first letter of your mom’s name or just an M for mom! Mothers Day card DIYs printable monogrm notecards

DIY Mother’s Day Fingerprint Card

This is a brilliant and simple DIY Mother’s Day card to make with the kids, it won’t take long but she’ll definitely appreciate it! The fun flower design is easy to create as long as you have some washable paints on hand.

Mothers Day card DIYs fingerprint card

Did you enjoy these Mother’s Day card making tutorials. I loved them all and hope you will enjoy making your own Mother’s Day handmade cards too!