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Top 10 DIY Valentine’s Day Tutorials

Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating love and giving your loved one a gift that shows them how special they are will help them to see how much they meant to you. It’s the little things that can really make Valentine’s Day, such as a handmade card, a thoughtful sentimental gift or even a sweet treat that you made yourself. Even if you’re not in a relationship, these DIYs make lovely gifts to share with friends and family, or some of them can even be enjoyed yourself! Take a look at these awesome DIY Valentine’s Day tutorials to get some great ideas for the big day.

52 Things I Love About You Book 

This is an inexpensive DIY Valentine’s Day gift that’s personalised to your loved one and something can they can keep for years to come. All you need is a pack of playing cards, a printer and binder rings in order to make this sweet Things I Love About You Book. A beautiful gift for both a man or woman that allows you to show them what you really love about them.

DIY 52 things I love about you book

DIY Scratch-Off Valentines Card

This scratch-off card is a lovely DIY Valentine’s card that no one will be able to believe you made yourself! This requires a few craft materials but thankfully most are things you’re likely to have around the home already. The clever scratch off portion of this card is created by using a white crayon painted over with a mixture of silver paint and dish soap, genius! DIY Scartch off Valentines lottery card

Expensive Looking Heart Card

This is a card that’s incredibly easy to make but looks expensive and impressive. All that’s needed for this V Day card is thick white paper and a needle and thread, but attention to detail is what makes it so impressive looking. A lovely card for your significant other that will make them grateful that you made such an effort for them.    DIY Expensive looking valentines day card

DIY Heart Bath Bombs

These DIY Valentine’s bath bombs make a great pampering treat, they’re lovely gift for a friend, a partner who needs a little spoiling or even to keep for yourself. This Valentine’s Day tutorial uses mainly ingredients you can find in your own kitchen. The bath bombs don’t take long to make but the recipient will love that you made these yourself as they really have the personal touch. DIY Bath boms

DIY Ticket Stub Memory Box

This is one of the best Valentine’s Day DIYs as it’s relatively simple to make but is just such a great idea that your partner will love! You can celebrate your time together and look to the future with this ticket stub memory box that can hold tickets, brochures and souvenirs from the activities you enjoy and places you go together. This DIY will only take a few minutes once you’ve got your deep shadow box or box frame, and your significant other will appreciate this sentimental gift that you can both make use of. DIY Ticket stub memory box

DIY Heart Manicure

This cute heart manicure is the perfect beauty addition for Valentine’s Day and is great for getting into the loving spirit. This can be created on your real nails or false nails after application and doesn’t require any tools except a bottle of red nail polish. A super easy to recreate Valentine’s Day manicure, this is the perfect DIY finishing touch to your outfit! DIY Heart manicure

Mini Cherry Pies

They say the way to the heart is through the stomach and it was never truer than with these yummy mini cherry pie pops. The pies can be made with shop bought dough if need be and any flavour of jam you like, but make sure you have a heart cookie cutter so that you can create a uniform set of mini pies. This Valentine’s Day food DIY is sure to delight! DIY Cherry pie pops

DIY Button Heart Art

If you want to create a handmade gift but aren’t much good with crafts then this is the perfect easy Valentine’s DIY tutorial for you. Just arrange some buttons and badges in a heart shape then attach them to card with glue or sticky tabs before displaying the heart in a deep frame. You could even attach the buttons directly to a canvas for a more 3D art gift, and be sure to use your loved ones favourite colours to make this gift even more special! DIY button heart art

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts

A very simple DIY that makes a lovely little Valentine’s favour, these strawberry hearts are great for sharing. Some clever cutting is all that’s needed to make your strawberries into the perfect love heart shape, then just cover them in melted chocolate and decorate to your tastes.DIY Chocolate strawberry hearts

DIY Vintage Photo Cushions

This is one of the top Valentine’s DIYs as it is such a versatile idea that can be used for any photo or message. The cushion requires a little bit of sewing know how but even if you’re not a great sewer your loved one will love that you took the time and effort to make this for them! If you’ve got the time to spare then this would make a lovely Valentine’s Day present and you could use a photo of you and your valentine, your children, a place you’d like to visit together or anything else that means something to the both of you. DIY Vintage photo pillows

Hope you enjoyed these awesome Valentine’s day DIY tutorials. Visit us for more awesome DIY tutorials coming soon!