10 Latest Awesome Typography Design Tutorials For Illustrator

Creating typography in Illustrator can be a difficult task, especially if it’s not already part of your current skill set. There a great many techniques involved in designing typography and a great many effects to consider such as textures, dimensions and patterns. If you want to get better at creating text using Illustrator then why not consider taking a look at typography design tutorials to get you started?

Typography tutorials can be incredibly helpful as they can teach you about new tools and options within Illustrator that you may not already have experience with. Learning about creating text through tutorials can allow you to use new ideas in your projects as many of the techniques can be applied to other parts of your design, plus colour combination options and precise visuals of the final result can be endless. The typography design tutorials for Illustrator below break everything down into easy steps, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to follow along once you’ve decided that you’d like to learn.

Easy 3D Letters in Adobe Illustrator

This Illustrator typography tutorial will allow you to create 3D lettering without the use of 3D tools and starting with a plain font. This is a quick technique which uses the transform effect and block shapes to create the three dimensional look. Typography tutorials 3d text

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Fire Text Effect Tutorial

This fire text effect tutorial will enable you to create a great flame effect easily using simple brushes and shapes. The finished text is a glowing stylised version of fire that looks very striking.

Typography tutorials fire effect

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Urban Type

This cool typography tutorial for Illustrator teaches you how to create modern urban text that will inject a freshness into your designs. The tutorial teaches you skills that will help you move your work forward as it uses a range of techniques from sampling images to including watercolour paints. Typography tutorials urban text

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Chalkboard Effect Illustrator Tutorial

This Illustrator design tutorial teaches you how to create an easy chalkboard effect using the pen tool. This is a great effect that can be used for a range of applications and looks very convincing. Typography tutorials chalkboard effect

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Illustrator Oil Paint Text Effect

This tutorial is slightly more advanced than others and teaches you how to create text that looks like oil paint flowing from tubes. This text design tutorial will enable you to use techniques such as gradient effects which can be taken forward into your future designs. Typography tutorials oil paint effect

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How to Digitise Hand Lettering Using Illustrator

This is a brilliant tutorial for turning your hand written lettering into digitized text that can be made into logos or increased in size. This tutorial creates text that is high quality and each letter can be perfected until you’re happy with the final outcome. Typography tutorials hand lettering

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Rope Text Effect in Illustrator

This great typography design tutorial shows you how to create a rope effect brush and use it for your own text. The rope is created using the rectangle tool and live corners feature before being multiplied and made into a brush. Typography tutorials rope effect

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Tutorial for glowing Neon Text

This text tutorial for Illustrator will allow you to create a cool glowing text effect that looks like neon sign lighting. The instructions are simple to understand which makes this great for beginners who want to learn new skills and perfect their work. The final result is very polished typography that can be used in new designs.  Typography tutorials neon effect

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Change Fonts from Oblique to Upright in Illustrator

This helpful video tutorial teaches you how to change text from oblique to upright and upright to oblique so that you can get the look you desire from your typography. The short video makes the technique easy to understand.

How to Distress Text in Adobe Illustrator

This simple to follow video tutorial shows you how to create distressed in Illustrator that you can use for a range of fonts and allows you to create some texture in your work.  Typography tutorials distressed text

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Hope you liked these typography design tutorials for Illustrator. I am sure you would love to apply these awesome typography tips and tricks with the help of typography techniques taught in these awesome Illustrator tutorials. Enjoy!