15 Best Newborn Photography Tutorials For Beginners and Advanced Photographers

Photographing newborns can be a tricky task as young babies are prone to getting grumpy. Whether they’re hungry or uncomfortable, babies like to make their feelings known, and that’s not to mention the mess they can also make. Being able to soothe and pose a baby, as well as properly lighting the scene and knowing how to edit baby photography expertly are all part of being a great newborn photographer.

Newborn photography can be incredibly rewarding, whether you pursue it as a hobby or profession, but making sure you have the best skills and techniques can really take your work to the next level. Newborn photography tutorials can teach you everything from basic tips to perfect lighting techniques and retouching the baby portraits expertly. Tutorials for newborn photography can also help you learn to push your own ideas forward and create your own style using new skills.  Are you ready to learn more about newborn photography? If so, take a look at this list of the 15 best newborn photography tutorials for beginners and advanced photographers.

An Introduction to Newborn Photography

This great introduction to newborn photography takes you through all the basics you need to consider before a newborn shoot and includes some great hints for things like lighting and simple poses. 
Newborn photography tutorials- photo tips

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Baby Photography 101 for Beginners

This tutorial goes into more depth about the practicalities of photographing newborns, with tips taken from a shoot using a pile of towels. You’ll learn advice about timing the photoshoot correctly and heating the space so you can get the most from your shoot. Newborn photography tutorials- baby photography 101

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How to Set Up Your Shoot and Work With Parents

Learn how to work with parents so that you have the best chances of taking your greatest photos and read tips on equipment to take with you when shooting at the baby’s home. Newborn photography tutorials- setting up

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Camera Settings for Newborn Photography Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you the best settings for your camera along with equipment tips too. Newborn photography tutorials- camera settings

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How to Create a Newborn Composite in Photoshop

Safety is very important when photographing babies so you may need to take shots were a parent or spotter is holding the baby for support. Creating a composite is the best way to edit out hands and other people, and this tutorial teaches you how to make perfect composites in a simple way.

Newborn photography tutorials- composite photo

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Faded Newborn Photo Background

This newborn photography tutorial teaches you how to fade out the background behind the baby to make the baby the central focus. Newborn photography tutorials- faded background

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Using Window Lighting When Photographing Newborns

This great newborn lighting tutorial teaches you that you don’t have to have fancy camera equipment when photographing babies and natural light can be your best friend.  Newborn photography tutorials- using window light

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Colour Correction For Baby Photos

This wonderful video tutorial will take you through basic colour correction for newborns so you can make your photos look natural and bright. You’ll learn how to hide redness and light imperfections in baby’s skin which will make further retouching easier. Newborn photography tutorials- colour correction

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Transitional Posing Tutorial for Newborn Photography

Learn the art of transitional posing to make your photoshoots easier by smoothly moving baby from one pose to the next between shots. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced photographer, this technique will really help you make the most of your shooting time. Newborn photography tutorials- transitional posing

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Fixing Uneven Skintone in Newborn Photos

This simple and easy to follow baby photography tutorial shows you how to fix uneven skintone to ensure the baby’s skin is a uniform colour. Newborn photography tutorials- uneven skintone

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Editing a Baby Portrait With Textures Tutorial

This in depth newborn photography tutorial will teach you how to add textures to your photos in Photoshop by using layers and masks. This is a great technique that can be applied to any portrait and you can replicate it with all sorts of textures and patterns. Newborn photography tutorials- editing with textures

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Baby Photography Lighting Tutorial With Off-Camera Flash

This tutorial takes you through five steps to set up your photoshoot with an off-camera flash so you can have perfectly lit photos. Newborn photography tutorials- off camera flash

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Newborn Retouching Tutorial With Lightroom and Photoshop

In this photography tutorial for newborns you’ll take a look at start-to-finish editing and retouching for baby photographs using Lightroom and Photoshop to create perfect results The Lightroom parts of this tutorial are especially great and perfectly suited to editing newborn portraits. Newborn photography tutorials- editing in lightroom and photoshop

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Newborn Lighting Tutorial

If you’re an advanced photographer and wish to learn more about lighting your newborn photos with a softbox then this tutorial makes a great read. You’ll learn how to use a feathering lighting technique that allows soft bright light to fall onto your subject, minimising harsh dark shadows.  Newborn photography tutorials- newborn lighting

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The Froggy Pose for Baby Photography Tutorial

This wonderful video tutorial teaches you how to position a newborn into the froggy pose while ensuring that the baby is safe and secure. You’ll also learn how to switch between poses efficiently. Newborn photography tutorials- froggy pose

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Did you find these newborn photography tutorials helpful? We hope you will enjoy working on these tutorials to make your newborn photography skills even better. Enjoy!

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