15 Hand-Picked Product Photography Tutorials

15 Hand-Picked Product Photography Tutorials

Great photography is what can make a product stand out from the rest and compel people to purchase it over a competitor. Getting the images right are what really makes a difference, particularly in online sales and e-commerce. However it can often be testing to create the perfect product photo, especially when the item is reflective or a food product as these can pose individual challenges.

Product photography tutorials are incredibly helpful when it comes to these types of shots as they can give advice for many types of products and set ups. If you’re a beginner and don’t have your own lighting equipment then tutorials can also give you information on using natural light for your product photos. Similarly, you’ll be able to find tutorials that you can follow using a range of cameras from a beginner’s smartphone to a professional DSLR. To learn some great tips and trips to take amazing product photos, see the cool product photography tutorials below.

How To Photograph Jewellery

This in depth tutorial will show you exactly how to photograph jewellery to get the most attractive effects for product photography. You’ll learn about types of lighting, props and the settings to use on your camera. Product Photography Tutorials- jewellery

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Do It Yourself Light Studio Set Up

If you don’t have professional equipment then a do it yourself studio set up is a great way to get the best product shots. This tutorial will teach you how to make your own mini lighting studio for your products.

Product Photography Tutorials- diy light studio

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Using a Light Tent for Small Product Photography

If you’re photographing small products then using a light tent will often be the best way to get great shots. This tutorial will teach you how to use the light tent effectively. Product Photography Tutorials- light tent

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Invisible/Ghost Mannequin Lighting Tutorial

If you’re shooting clothes then knowing how to create an invisible mannequin effect in your photos will make them into amazing shots. This tutorial shows you the lighting to use to create such an effect and make post processing easier.


How To Create a Perfect Gradient Reflection For Product Photography

In this brilliant product photography tutorial you’ll learn how to create a gradient reflection with studio lights that will make glossy items look their best.

Product Photography Tutorials- gradient

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Beer Bottle Product Photography Tutorial

Find out how to create an amazing beer bottle shot with this video tutorial. The techniques learned can be used for any type of bottle of glassware so these tips are great to remember on your product photography shoots.

A Complete Product Photography Tutorial

Learn eight great steps to take the best product photos in a quick and succinct way.

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Product Photography With Natural Light

Photographing with natural light can create natural looking effects for your images and can cut down on costs if you don’t already own studio lights. This is a great tutorial for beginners but may help more advanced photographers too.  Product Photography Tutorials- natural light

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How To Create Compelling Lifestyle Product Photos

This is a really great product photography tutorial that will teach you everything you need to know about shooting lifestyle images of the product in the location in which it will be used. Product Photography Tutorials- lifestyle photos

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Shooting Clinique Style Beauty Product Photos

This brilliant product photography tutorial will teach you how to shoot beauty products such as perfume bottles and glass jars so that they look well lit and attractive in your photos.

10 Beginner Tips For Unique Product Photography

If you’re a beginner to product photography then these ten great tips will give you the inspiration to use new ideas in your product photos. Product Photography Tutorials- beginners tips

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The Best Food Photography Tips From 3 Pros

Photographing food products can be difficult and time consuming, but these pieces of advice from three professional photographers will make sure you’re taking the best photos that you can.Product Photography Tutorials- FOOD

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Taking Beautiful Product Photographs Using a Light Cube

This video tutorial teaches you how to light your product photos effectively using a light cube to soften shadows and create bright images.

How To Take Product Photos With Your iPhone

In this product photography tutorial you’ll see in depth how to take great photos that will rival an expensive camera and which you can use for your website.

Product Photography Tutorials- iphone

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Shooting Products on a Purely White Background Tutorial

Getting a pure white background for your product photos can be difficult to achieve, but this tutorial will show you how to create a perfect background using white paper and studio lights. Product Photography Tutorials- white background

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Hope you enjoyed these product photography tutorials. Keep visiting us for more awesome photography tutorials.