12 Brilliant Illustrator and Photoshop Poster Designing Tutorials

12 Brilliant Illustrator and Photoshop Poster Designing Tutorials

Posters can be used for such a range of different things from advertising a movie or music artist to informing people about new events, and they can be printed out large or used in their image form for advertising online. This creates potential for a large range of different styles that makes poster designing fun to do.

Poster designing tutorials can teach you how to create posters in a particular style but also help you learn wonderful skills that you can use for many different designs. You’ll also learn helpful tricks that are specific to poster design and will help you along the way. Following poster design tutorials in a range of different styles such as vintage, abstract, glossy, typography based and textured can help improve your skills in Photoshop and Illustrator so that you use new tools and methods that you didn’t know existed.

Once you’re ready to take on a new challenge in Photoshop or Illustrator take a look at this list of 12 brilliant poster designing tutorials.

Design a Gritty Vintage Airshow Poster

Learn how to create this cool vintage airshow poster in Illustrator with this poster designing tutorial. You’ll see how to take the poster from conceptualisation to the finished design along with some great tips and tricks to get the gritty vintage effect. Brilliant Poster Designing Tutorials- gritty vintage poster

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Create an Abstract Watercolour Poster

In this tutorial you’ll see how to create the watercolour effects that give this poster an amazing design. In Photoshop you’ll use layer masking to create the effect complete with drips and splashes to create a realistic look. Brilliant Poster Designing Tutorials- watercolour

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Bold Pattern Poster in Illustrator

in this great tutorial you’ll learn how to create a cool geometric pattern poster by using colour and pattern swatches in Illustrator. By the end you’ll be able to create your own unique designs and make a simple but striking poster. Brilliant Poster Designing Tutorials- geometric

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Design A Simple Textured Typographic Poster in Photoshop

This is a great posting design tutorial that anyone can follow using Photoshop. Create your own design with bold typography and simple textured background. Brilliant Poster Designing Tutorials- textured typographic

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Create A Poster Using Photoshop

This Photoshop video tutorial will show you how to create a graphic poster for a music festival. You’ll see some handy hints to help you will the creation and at the end you’ll have a simple but effective poster.

Create A Professional Dance Competition Poster

Create a cool and striking professional dance competition poster with this Photoshop poster design tutorial. The in depth tutorial will show you every step from selection techniques to 3D rendering which will improve your Photoshop skills and allow you to use the techniques for new projects. Poster Designing Tutorials- Street dance

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Create a Surreal Design Poster in Adobe Illustrator

This cool and easy to follow poster design tutorial for Illustrator will teach you how to create this surreal design with a mouth, clouds and rainbow. You can follow the tutorial exactly or use the techniques as inspiration for your own poster. Brilliant Poster Designing Tutorials- surreal

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Action Packed Movie Poster Tutorial For Photoshop

If you’d like to create a classic style action movie poster then this tutorial is the best. You’ll see how the example was designed using photo manipulation techniques and typography so that you can create your own movie poster. Brilliant Poster Designing Tutorials- action packed movie

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Photoshop Poster Design Tutorial

This cool poster designing video shows you how to create a modern and unique poster in Photoshop. You’ll learn all the tricks you need to manipulate your photos into something intriguing then add text to bring everything together.


Glamorous Cinema Poster Design Tutorial for Illustrator

Create this shiny and glamorous cinema poster design in Illustrator by following this great tutorial which will show you how to create objects that look reflective and 3D. This tutorial is wonderful for advanced users who would like to learn some new Illustrator skills.  Brilliant Poster Designing Tutorials- glamorous cinema

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Create a Skyfall Movie Poster Effect in Photoshop

This great video tutorial will talk you through designing a 007 Skyfall style movie poster. The Photoshop poster tutorial is a great introduction to some new techniques for beginners and you’ll be able to create selections and use layer masks. Brilliant Poster Designing Tutorials- skyfall

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Sticky Summer Typography Poster Tutorial for Illustrator

if you’re looking to create a unique typographical poster in Illustrator then this tutorial will be perfect for you. You’ll learn how to edit a premade font and adjust a pattern to make this wonderful poster with a summer theme. Brilliant Poster Designing Tutorials- sticky summer

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We hope that by following these awesome poster designing tutorials you will start designing your own posters soon.